How To Spot Fake Off-White T-Shirt

If you are reading this guide, you might be wondering how to tell apart an authentic Off-White T-shirt from a replica. And we are here to help you with our comprehensive guide!

This is a general guide suitable for most Off-White T-shirts. However, if it seems too confusing for you, or in case you want a more precise, in-depth authentication, check out our reliable authentication service! All you have to do is send us some pictures of your brand item, and we will do all the work for you.

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How To Legit Check Off-White T-shirt?

  • Check the packaging
  • Inspect the front print
  • Examine the neck tag
  • Authenticate the wash tag
  • Pay attention to the transparent hangtag

Off-White T-Shirt Legit Check: The Packaging Method

For our first method today we are going to take a look at the transparent plastic bag that comes with all authentic Off-White T-shirts. 

One thing you should notice here is the signature Off-White logo print consisting of 8 diagonal stripes. If your packaging has a different number of stripes, it is definitely fake. However, most replica manufacturers do not allow obvious mistakes like that.

Instead, focus on the width and the color of the stripes. As you can see on the fake VS real Off-White T-shirt comparison below, the stripes should be wider. Not only that, but the color is also incorrect, as it should be a more light shade of green, almost white under certain lighting.

Off-White T-Shirt Legit Check

OW T-Shirt Authentication: The Front Print Method

Moving on with our list, let’s pay attention to the print of the shirt. Today we are going to look at just one model, but fear not: we will cover more methods that are universal for all Off-White T-shirt models.

The first mistake here is the placement of the print. The print of the fake Off-White T-shirt is placed too high and too close to the neckline.

Another thing to notice is that the neck tag is sewn too far from the neckline. You should notice that the authentic neck tag is overlapping with the neckline, while the fake one does not. 

How to Authenticate Off-White: The Neck Tag Method

Now, let’s discuss the neck tag in more detail. A general rule with authentic Off-White shirts is that the stitching around the neck tag is white and very visible. However, the fake one does not have it so visible. It goes without saying that the stitching should also be clean, without any threads sticking out. Not only that, but the letters on the replica neck tag are thicker, because cheaper printers are being used. Let’s take a look at two examples below for better understanding.

How to Authenticate Off-White

This example of a replica does not have much flaws except for the color of the tag. It should be a more pale, washed-out green color. Not only that, but the letters are supposed to feel rubbery to the touch, whereas on the replica they are simply printed. Now, let's take a look at another example.

 How to Authenticate Off-White Tee

The second example has the “2013” text and the © sign especially thick, which instantly gives away a replica. The “Off-White” text is placed too high and the letters are too small. 

Secondly, the green colour of the neck tag is a bit too bright. It should be a more greyish washed out green colour, like we already pointed out with the previous example.

Lastly, the texture of the neck tag is wrong. However, tag textures may differ depending on the collection, so you might see some authentic Off-White tees that have the same vertical line texture on the neck tag.

Authenticate With Real Experts

Authenticate With Real Experts

Off-White Real vs Fake: The Wash tag Method

The wash tag is quite possibly the most important part you should focus on when spotting a replica Off-White T-shirt. In general, you can easily spot a fake item by looking at the threading of the wash tag. The threading should be rich and dense due to high quality of the production.

And now, to make the differences more clear, we advise you to look at the examples below.

Here, the shape and material of the tag are wrong. The tag is too long in dimension. As for the material, the fabric of the tag should feel silky smooth, while the fake one would feel more like paper.

While we are at it, let’s verify the signature Off-White stripe pattern. You can notice that the distance between the stripes and the stitching is too big. Not only that, but the black diagonal lines are also thinner than needed. 

 Off-White Real vs Fake

Now, let's move on to the side of the wash tag that has the washing instructions on it. You should carefully inspect this text.

Usually on the fake wash tags the text is inconsistent, too thick or thin, and less legible due to low quality of printing. As for the placement and shape of the text, the replica label lack consistency in the spacing between the characters.

Off-White Real vs Fake

Off-White T-Shirt Verification: The Hangtag Method

To finish the examination, you should verify the transparent hangtag. This part can be a bit tricky, so feel free to use our real VS fake Off-White T-shirt comparison pictures for guidance.

There is not much to point out here except for the font and the shape of the rectangular hole on the hangtag. The font is thicker than needed and less legible, same as with our previous methods. As for the rectangular hole, it should be shorter in width and longer in height.

Do not forget that the authentic one should have 10 lines. If your hangtag has less or more than 10 lines, it is unauthentic.

 Off-White T-Shirt Verification

Did you learn how to spot a fake Off-White T-Shirt?

If not, feel free to reach us via the live chat or email, as we provide professional Off-White authentication services 24/7. Check out our service here: Off-White legit check.

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Authenticate With Real Experts

Authenticate With Real Experts

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