How To Spot Fake Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA authentication. Worry not, because this comprehensive guide will help you legit check your sneakers in a quick and easy way!

However, if you have any questions, doubts, or just want advice from an expert, we are here to help. We provide professional authentication services which include a detailed explanation on why we think your item is fake or authentic, and a unique authenticity certificate. All you need to do is send is send us some good quality photos of the item you want to legit check. 

How To Legit Check AF1 Off-White MCA?

  1. Inspect the overall shape of the sneaker
  2. Verify the outer swoosh
  3. Analyze the “Air” print on the midsole
  4. Examine the inner swoosh
  5. Authenticate the toe box
  6. Pay attention to the “Nike” tongue tag
  7. Check the heel stitching
  8. Look at the details of the size tag
  9. Inspect the insole
  10. Focus on the red Off-White zip tie

The Overall Shape Method

To make sure your pair is good quality, you should first take a look at the overall shape and silhouette. 

First of all, look at the heel. On our AF1 Off-White MCA fake VS real comparison below you can notice how in the authentic shoe the heel has more of a straight line shape, but the fake one is more curved.

Secondly, the sock liner is also wrong. In the fake AF1 Off-White MCA the sock liner sticks out much more and has a weird uneven shape. This is certainly not a part of the original design.

Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA Real VS Fake Guide: The Overall Shape Method

The Outer Swoosh Method

Now, let’s move on to one of the most unique details of this model, which is the Swoosh. Here we have the signature Off-White deconstructed Swoosh made from shiny reflective silver. It turns out to be quite difficult to replicate, because the fake Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA has a few differences from the original.

The most obvious difference is the shape and size of the Swoosh. The fake one is clearly much smaller and shorter, judging by the two perforations beneath it. Notice how the authentic Swoosh is touching one of the perforations, while the fake one floats above it. It also ends too far from the left stitching line, whereas the authentic almost touches it. This can only mean one thing: the fake Swoosh is too small, short and misplaced.

Now let’s examine some less obvious flaws. First of all, notice the perforations going around the Swoosh. On the replica they are placed around the wrong edge of the Swoosh. Secondly, the stitching seems wider than needed. And finally, the red flap on the Swoosh is placed slightly closer to the left than in the original.

Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA Real VS Fake Guide: The Outer Swoosh Method


The Air Midsole Print Method

For this method, let’s focus on the “Air” print on the midsole. This small detail can be a great help if you want to legit check AF1 Off-White MCA. To make the guide more comprehensive, we are going to look at two examples -- one with poor quality control, and one that has it better.

Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA Real VS Fake Guide: The Air Midsole Print Method

In this example of poor quality control, right off the bat, you can notice a bit of smudged paint on the authentic, but this is not something you should worry about. As you can see, small flaws like this happen even with the authentic pairs. 

What you should notice is that the font of the fake item is too thick. The letters, especially the letter “R”, are too wide. Finally, the paint looks lumpy, and in some places of the “AIR” logo there are blank spaces left. This is an instant callout for cheap printing.

Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA Real VS Fake Guide: The Air Midsole Print Method

This example has better quality, however, we are sure that your attentive eye can spot a few small flaws. 

Firstly, the font is too small, and it is especially noticeable when looking at the quotation marks, which are shorter than needed, and the letter “A”.

And secondly, the logo is misplaced. It is placed too far from the middle sole stitching, and appears slightly crooked.

The Inner Swoosh Method

Coming up next is the inner Swoosh. 

Like we previously mentioned, the most important thing to notice is the shape and size of the Swoosh. Here it is, again, too short and placed too high, judging by the two bottom perforations. Not only that, but it seems to be not curved enough.

Next, pay attention to the medial text. On the fake Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA it appears to be placed too low, and the quality of the print is poor. For example, the R and T in “Beaverton” merged together, while they should be separated.

Finally, look at the perforations. Same as with the previous example, the fake one has unnecessary perforations on the wrong side of the Swoosh. 

Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA Real VS Fake Guide: The Inner Swoosh Method

The Toe Box Method

The next method we are covering today is the toe box method. 

Of course, you can notice the difference in color of the shoe. It may be due to different lighting, however, some replicas really do get the color wrong, so you should always look out for that.

As for the less obvious mistakes, look at the stitching on the toe box. On the authentic it should be slightly wider.

Finally, examine the toe box perforations. They should, without questions, be equally sized, and placed on equal distance from each other. This fake AF1 Off-White MCA seemingly has it right, but you should look for any misplacements and inconsistencies on your shoe. Any flaw like this is an instant callout for a replica.

Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA Real VS Fake Guide: The Toe Box Method


We’re halfway done! Are you still doubting the authenticity of your sneakers? Check out our AF1 Off-White MCA authentication services. For more information about our service and reviews from our customers, check this page.


The Nike Tongue Tag Method

Moving on, let’s discuss the Nike tongue tag. This is another small detail that can help you legit check AF1 Off-White MCA. 

Firstly, the “OFF” text is too thin on the replica. And not only that, but it is placed too far from the stitching, while on the authentic it is touching the stitching.

The second flaw is that the stitching itself is not dense enough. The stitches are too short, and the threads are thinner than needed.

Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA Real VS Fake Guide: The Nike Tongue Tag Method

The Heel Method

The next step in AF1 Off-White MCA Authentication is the heel method. The heel is the tricky part, because there are some hard to spot differences, but with our help you are sure to find them all.

To begin with, notice the zigzag stitching on the heel. The authentic has it a bit shorter and smaller. And not only that, but the replica actually has some loose threads sticking out which is unacceptable.

Next, pay attention to the Nike Air logo. It should be more wide and thick, and somewhat more visible. The replica has its letters much thinner, which is especially noticeable on the “I” letter of the AIR text. 

Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA Real VS Fake Guide: The Heel Method

The Size Tag Method

As for the size tag, as usual, you should be very careful when inspecting the font. The font of the size tag is usually where the fake manufacturers make a lot of mistakes due to cheap printing and bad overall quality. 

The problem with the text is that it seems to be too small and thin, judging by the “VY” lettering in the upper right corner. The “made in Vietnam” text also seems too thin. However, usually it is more common for replicas to have their font bolder than the original.

Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA Real VS Fake Guide: The Size Tag Method


The Insole Method

Coming up next is the insole method. 

Here, first, inspect the Nike logo. The quality of the printing is much worse on the replica compared to the original. The letters seem fuzzy, with unclear borders. You can even notice that the letters “N” and “I” merge together. Also, the letter “K” is thinner than needed. This is absolutely unacceptable. 

In addition to this, look at the Off-White X logo. Clearly, it is too big, and the silhouette is also not as distinct as it should be. 

Finally, the color of the insole itself is incorrect. It is a lighter shade of blue. The authentic insole, like the rest of the shoe, should be of a perfect University Blue color.

Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA Real VS Fake Guide: The Insole Method

The Off-White Zip Tie Method

For our final method today, we are going to authenticate the red Off-White zip tie. The shape of it is pretty much correct, however, it is the font that has some flaws. 

First of all, the “Off-White” text is placed too close to the edge of the zip tie. It tells us that the whole line of text is either misplaced due to being printed incorrectly, or is simply too wide.

Secondly, the bottom line of text is too small, and the lines look fuzzy, making it appear illegible. 

Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA Real VS Fake Guide: The Off-White Zip Tie Method

The Bottom Line

This is the end of our guide on how to legit check AF1 Off-White MCA. If you need help with Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA authentication, we got your back. Feel free to contact us!


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