How To Spot Fake Off-White Hoodie

How To Spot Fake Off-White Hoodie

Are you curious about how to spot a replica Off-White hoodie? Today we decided to write a guide to assist you! This time we're going to look at the SS20 Dripping Arrows Hoodie. However, the methods we are going to cover are appropriate for most Off-White hoodies, T-shirts and long sleeves. 

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Off White Authentication: The Neck Tag Method

To start our Off-White hoodie authentication, we should focus our attention on one of the most crucial details of the hoodie, which is the neck tag.

The first distinction to notice right here is the material. The authentic neck tag is made of firm material, at the same time the faux one is too flimsy. The fabric needs to be dense and not see-through. Not just that, but the shade of the neck tag is also slightly different.

The second element here is the sewing. Off-White is well-known for their excellent quality control and overall quality of the items, so, as you can imagine, stitching is no exception. It should be neat and tidy. The unauthentic one is messier and the stitches are wider. They also differ from each other size and shape, whereas in the original every stitch is consistent.

Lastly, take note of the font. In general, the font on the fake Off-White hoodie is more bold and messy. It means that the letters are less defined and harder to read.

Off-White Hoodie Authentication - Real VS Fake Guide

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How to Authenticate Off White: The Hangtag Method

The next set of elements we are going to observe are the hangtags.

The first mistake you may spot with the replica Off-White hoodie is the color. Authentic hangtags have a soft green color, whilst the faux ones generally have a tendency to be white or a brighter shade of green.

The material, again, is too flimsy. An authentic hangtag and all of the additional tags would be more firm. You can check it through bending the hangtag. If it bends easily, it is more likely fake, but if you need to apply more pressure to bend it, it is real. 

The final thing that we would like to bring your attention to is the font.The letters should be very well defined, and they should stick out a bit, which means they should not be simply printed on the tag. Instead, a special kind of printing should be used.

Off White Hoodie Authentication

Real vs Fake Off White: The Back Print Method

Moving on with our Off-White hoodie legit check, let’s observe the “Dripping Arrows” graphic on the backside of the hoodie. 

If you compare the fake VS real Off-White hoodie, it becomes apparent that the quality of print is very different. The authentic one has its details looking very sharp, while the fake one is not as clearly done. The resolution of the print is often a lot worse in replicas, due to less expensive printers being used. 

There is one more minor detail about the print that you should know. If you look at the printing closely, you must be able to see the fabric of the hoodie through the printing. This is a detail that is only visible in authentic pieces, as the fake ones usually just print over the fabric without consideration for this element.

Real vs Fake Off White Hoodie

OW Fake vs Real: The Front Print Method

Now, flip your hoodie on the opposite side and authenticate the front print. 

First, look into the lettering. In general the letters have a tendency to be more bold and distorted, and this hoodie is no exception. You can effortlessly see it if you study the real VS fake Off-White hoodie comparison below.

As for the graphic picture, you can clearly see how the lines are not distinct enough. The colors look washed out, and the lines are not sharp enough, which makes the print appear blurry. Oh the genuine Off-White hoodie the print is very distinct, with clean lines and sharp contrast among the areas of the drawing. Due to that it appears three-dimensional. The faux one, however, appears completely flat and dull. 

OW Hoodie Fake vs Real

Off White Hoodie Authentication: The Wash Tag Method

Coming up next is our final method for today which requires you to investigate the wash tag. First we are going to look at the side that has the Off-White stripe logo, and then we are going to inspect the one that has washing instructions on it.

Off White Hoodie Authentication

Here you must be aware of two things: the threading and the logo itself.

The stitching should be more dense. It is, perhaps, the easiest way to spot an Off-White replica. You can clearly tell that the threading is much thinner than it should be. Also, notice that the fake one has some loose threads sticking out.

As for the logo, the primary differences are the stripes. The shading of the stripes is more rich and dark, due to the printing being high quality. Not only that, but the white stripes should be slightly more thick. There should be eight stripes, not more and not less. And finally, the image on the faux wash tag is located closer to the sewing than needed.

Off White Hoodie Authentication

In this situation the text of the wash tag is noticeably smaller. It also seems to be located higher on the tag. 

Apart from that, the letters are more light and washed out. They should be a more rich black color. Also the material should be silky and pleasant to the touch.

Lastly, keep in mind to check the product code. Just type it in your preferred search engine and check if the product code corresponds to an original item. If not, you are most likely dealing with a fake Off-White hoodie.

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