Off White Presto OG Authentication | Off White Presto Fake vs Real

This is our guide on how to spot fake Off White Presto OG. Due to the shoes huge mark-up price - around four times the retail price - this is an item that the counterfeit producers keep their eye on as there is a lot of profit to be made. Some Nike Air Presto Off White real vs fake comparisons are also available on this page. This will make your Nike Presto Off White authentication process much easier.

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How To Legit Check Off White Presto OG?

Off White Presto Real vs Fake Toe Box

Our first piece of advice to individuals who want to carry out a Nike Air Presto Off White authentication is to examine the outside stitching of the shoe. 

Firstly, take note of the overall shape of the shoe and check for any abnormalities. Close attention must be paid to the way in that the stitching impacts the overall shape of the shoe. As can be seen in the photo above, the fake Off White Nike Air Presto has more of a ‘bulky’ look compared to the authentic one. This is clearly shown in our Off White Presto real vs fake comparison below.

Another tip for authentication is to examine the stitching thickness. The side of the toe box in a fake Off White shoe tends to be thicker. Thus, one method to check out for a real vs fake is to closely look at the stitching of the shoe. For a better underatnding, please check the real vs fake Presto Off White comparison below. 

Off White Presto Fake vs Real | Off White Presto OG Authentication

Off White Nike Presto Real vs Fake Heel

The heel of the shoe is another area which can give you plenty of hints as to whether you are looking at an authentic pair or an Off White replica.

One of the first things you might notice is the tape - it should be somewhat translucent on the authentic Off White pair. In our Off White Presto real vs fake comparison you can see how the tape on the fake pair is far less see-through.

Continuing with the tape, another noticeable difference is the amount of space between the midsole and the tape in the authentic pair. It will almost touch the sole on a fake pair, unlike on the real pair which should have a bit of space between the tape and the sole. Also notice the shape and curvature of the midsole in that area. An authentic Off White Presto pair would have this part considerably more compared to the fake one.

Now, let’s talk colours. The plastic part between the tape and the midloe should be light gray, not dark muddy grey. The difference is clearly shown in the Presto Off White real vs fake comparison down below.

Off White Presto Fake vs Real | Off White Presto OG Authentication

Off White Presto Real vs Fake Insole

Another way to carry out an authentication is to look at the insole. Firstly, pay attention to the font of ‘THE TEN’. In an authentic Presto Off White pair, the letters should be placed in the very center of the rectangular box. This placement should leave equal empty space around the writing. On the other hand, the fake Off White Presto insole tends to have this writing placed incorrectly, as you can see in the comparsion below. 

The arrows of the Off White logo are also key when doing an Off White legit check. Firstly, in a real pair, the arrows tend to look more defined and have medium thickness. Then, agaon pay attention at the placement of the arrows. These arrows should be placed in the very center of the square box, similar to the writing above them.

Off White Presto Fake vs Real | Off White Presto OG Authentication

Off White Presto Real vs Fake Backside Insole

When you carry out Off White Presto legit check, you should also look at the backside of the insole as it can give you some good indication on the authenticity of your shoes.

What you might notice right off the bat is the colour of the insole backside. Authentic Air Presto Off White have light gray - slightly bluish insoles. Make sure they are not bright blue like the fakes in our photos. This difference is shown below in the Off White real vs fake comparison. 

One more thing that can help you determine if your Off White Presto shoes are authentic or fake is the glue pattern on the insole backside. Notice how it covers the majority of the authentic insole. It is very different on the fake one, where the glue marks can only be noticed in the lower bottom part of the insole.

Off White Presto Fake vs Real | Off White Presto OG Authentication

Nike Air Presto Off White Real vs Fake Size Tag

The last thing we will cover in this guide is the size tag - something you should really be checking on all of your grails, with this model being no exception.

The first thing to check on the Off White Presto size tag is the Nike logo (Nike swoosh). Look closely at the proportions of the swoosh. There is a high chance that it will be disproportionate if you are looking at a fake size tag. In our real vs fake comparison photos you can see how the replica has a shorter swoosh compared to the authentic one - this is what you should look out for.

You should check the space around the Nike swoosh as well - it should not be too crammed. It is especially noticeable in the upper area above the swoosh - an authentic size tag will have some space there.

The overall shape and quality of the size tag is another thing to consider. The edges of the authentic size tag should be straight and sharp, and overall would have a more defined shape. A fake size tag, on the other hand, is likely to be a lot more crammed, with blurred edges.

Off White Presto Fake vs Real | Off White Presto OG Authentication

If after this Off White Presto authentication guide you’re still not sure whether or not your pair is authentic, make sure to check out our Off White legit check services for our team of professionals to take it from there. There's also a bunch of other free guides available in our Guides section for your convenience!

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