How To Spot Fake Off White Presto

How To Spot Fake Off White Presto

The best way to authenticate a pair of Off White Presto sneakers is to check their printing details. There are various printing details found in this pair, in its tabs and labels, which allows us to carry out a careful authentication. Start by checking the overall look of the pair, and move to its smaller details. Follow the guide below to make sure you avoid fake Nike Presto Off White. 

How to legit check Off White Presto?

Off White Nike Presto Authentication: The Outer Details 

Start the verification process with the review of the pair’s outer details. An authentic pair’s shape would be peculiar, as the heel would be much lower than the tongue. You should take a careful look at the rubber details in the sole, as those are signature to this model. 

The heel curve would be pronounced in any authentic Off White Presto pair. Meanwhile, the fakes often have the heel looking rather flat. 

Moving closer to the middle of the pair, you will find a rubber cage, which is often much more transparent in any authentic pair. The replica Off White Presto sneakers often have this cage looking too beige, while the fake perforations tend to look bulky.

Another detail you must consider when carrying out the Off White authentication is the rubber Swoosh found in the midsole. The authentic Swoosh has a very peculiar shape, which is rarely accurate in the counterfeits.

Off White Nike Presto Authentication



How To Spot Fake Presto Off White: The Heel Tab

There is a pull tab in the heel area of this pair that can be helpful in this Off White legit check process. Firstly, an authentic stitching detail found in the tab would have a rectangular shape, and would extend from the leather tab to the brackets of the “AIR” printing.

The leather tag would also have small stitching details, and a Swoosh engraving, which should be our focus now. The fake Swooshes often have the wrong shape; some replicas do not even have this engraving at all. 

Another point that must be made here is that the quality of the printing plays a huge role here. An authentic printing would be textured and the fonts found be consistent. While the fake printing is often too thick with no texture to it. It also peels off quite easily in the fakes.

How To Spot Fake Presto Off White

Another word on the replica fonts - the fake text often looks vertically stretched when compared to the real one. The authentic brackets should also be short and bulky. In the comparison below, you may again notice that the fake Swoosh is much less pronounced than the authentic one.

How to Spot Fake Off White Presto


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Real vs Fake Off White Presto: The Toe Box

Moving closer to the toe box, there is an orange tab located underneath the Swoosh. An authentic tab would be sharp, and have a clear rectangular shape, while the fakes often have rounded corners. By looking at the fake vs real Nike Presto Off White example below, you may also notice that the stitching that attaches the tab to the Swoosh is much denser in the real pair.

Another detail worth noticing would be the shape of the toe box. The real pairs have the toe box looking much more curved, while the fakes look much flatter.

Real vs Fake Off White Presto

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Off White Presto Authentication Guide: The Smaller Details

The perforations are a significant part of this model, which gives us another point of reference when verifying our pairs. The real perforations are wide and tall, while the fakes often have them looking too thin or too thick. 

When checking the stitching throughout the pair, pay attention to the thread used. The replica pairs often have the threads looking too thin, meaning that the fake materials are of a much lower quality. 

Off White Presto Authentication Guide

Here is another example of the incorrectly looking perforations found in the counterfeits. In the comparison below, the fake pair has its perforations looking too small, which is a definite red flag.

There are also many foam details, which are signature for any of the Nike x Off White collabs. Those foam details must have a spongy look to them, and should never be too thick. The counterfeit producers use a very rigid foam.

How To Legit Check Off White Presto

Off White Presto Fake vs Real: The Medial Text

The inner area of this pair has several text details that will be helpful in carrying out the authentication process. Make sure that the printing is not too bright or thick, as real text would look almost faded.

You must also check the ‘Presto’ engraving found in the plastic cage detail, and verify its font. The replica engravings often fail to precisely match the depth of the engraving, and the fonts are often gotten wrong. 

Off White Presto Fake vs Real

Legit Check Nike Off White Presto: The Tongue Label

The tongue label is placed on the side of the tongue, and consists of the regular Nike logo, the Swoosh, and 2 ® signs. Here you must focus on the quality of the embroidery, as the real text would be consistent, with a clear outline. 

In the fake vs real Presto Off White example below, you may notice how inconsistent the replica label is. Another flaw which is often found in the counterfeits is the wrong fonts that are used, particularly for the ® signs.

Legit Check Nike Off White Presto

How To Verify Nike Off White Presto 2018: The Logo Patch

Under the foam detail in the throat, you should find a round logo patch. Make sure you verify the stitching that outlines the patch. The real stitching would have little to no space between the sews, while the replicas would have a loose and spaced out stitching.

Another detail worth verifying is the logo itself, as an authentic patch would have the ‘P’ and the Swoosh clearly visible.

How To Verify Nike Off White Presto 2018

Nike Presto Off White Legit Check Guide: The Heel

Here is another important part of the sneakers that must be verified for a complete review. Firstly, pay attention to the overall look of the heel, as the replicas tend to be tall and narrow. The upper part must also be curved, and almost have a heart shape. 

Then, investigate the tape detail found in the middle of the heel, as most of the replicas have this tape detail not being transparent enough. The placement of the tape also plays a crucial role here, as the fakes tend to have the tape placed too close to the midsole.

Another detail to consider is the stitching found at the bottom of the tape, and by looking at the Off White Presto real vs fake comparison below, you should be able to compare the patterns.

Nike Presto Off White Legit Check Guide


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How To Spot Real Off White Prestos: The Insole

As we often state in our guides, the insoles are crucial in every authentication process due to their unique textures, materials used, and the printing details. This pair has its ‘The 10’ logo placed in the insole, which must definitely be verified. 

The fonts and the shapes are crucial in this detail, yet remember that even the retail pairs may have some flaws. From our research and experience, the retail details are often not perfectly centred in their white boxes.

How To Spot Real Off White Prestos

Off White Prestos Authentication: The Zip Tie

Another detail that is signature to the Off White pieces is the zip tie, which offers more helpful details to determine the authenticity of your item. The printing must be clear and centred in a real zip tie, while the ‘™’ sign should have a lighter font than the rest of the text.

The shape of the zip tie is also vital here, as not many replicas are able to copy the authentic curvature. The round engravings often help with the Off White legit check, as the fakes rarely get the placement right.

Off White Prestos Authentication

How to Spot Fake Off White Nike Prestos: The Laces

To wrap up the authentication process, we suggest you check the laces that come with the pair. If the pair was resold, it is likely for it to not have all the original details. However, if the pair is meant to be deadstock (never worn before) check the way the laces are packed. The replicas tend to be tied very tightly. 

Finally, you must check if the colours are correct, as the counterfeits often have the laces looking too bright.

How to Spot Fake Off White Nike Prestos

Where are Off White Prestos made?

As the signature medial text suggests, Off White shoes are designed in Beaverton, Oregon. However, OG Air Prestos may be made both in China and Vietnam. 

Are Off White Prestos true to size?

Nike Air Prestos usually run true to size, but some people state they run a little bit on the bigger side. Based on the width of your feet, you may buy your true size, or you might want to go half a size up for more comfort.

Where can I get my Off White Presto's authenticated?

In case this guide wasn’t helpful, we suggest you check out our amazing authentication service. Our helpful team is happy to assist you with verifying any streetwear items and more: Off White legit check.

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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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