How To Spot Fake Nike Air Rubber Dunk Off-White

How To Spot Fake Nike Air Rubber Dunk Off-White

If you are a streetwear lover, you are probably hyped about the new collaboration of Off-White and Nike, called the Rubber Dunk. Whether you are planning to cop this pair or just want to learn more about the model, this guide is just what you need! Today you will learn how to spot a fake Off-White Rubber Dunk pair, and what are the most unique elements of the authentic model.

This design releases in three versions -- Green Strike is available for the US, University Gold for Asia and University Blue for Europe, Middle East and Africa. We will give you our tips and tricks on all 3 color-ways. However, if you need a more detailed and unique authentication for your color scheme, check out our Off White legit check service. Just send us a message or join a live chat with our experts to get a reliable verification and an authenticity certificate.

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Off White Rubber Dunk Authentication - The Overall Shape Method

Generally, the shape of the shoe can be authenticated by two defining elements - the heel and the toe box. You should always keep this in mind while authenticating any pair of shoes. However, this model features one more element that serves as a dead giveaway for a fake. It is the deconstructed Swoosh, which in the fake Off-White Rubber Dunk pairs is usually crooked or has a strange wavy silhouette. Let’s take a look at the fake VS real Off-White Rubber Dunk comparisons to better understand the difference.

Off White Rubber Dunk Authentication - Off White Real vs Fake

This replica in University Gold colorway  is the perfect example of the wrong shape. The toe box here is bulkier and more curved, while the authentic is more straight. The shape of the heel, however, is curved less than needed. The midsole looks thicker as well. 

Off White Rubber Dunks Real vs Fake

This University Blue pair has a very obvious Swoosh flaw. It looks wavy and extremely deformed. Apart from that, notice the midsole stitching. The midsole stitching should be barely visible, but in this replica it is too obvious.

The medial print is the signature detail that stays almost the same throughout all Off-White sneaker models. This is why it will not be difficult for us to spot the mistakes made by counterfeit producers.

Mainly, the medial text is too thick. It is very visible on the “c. 2019” line. 

The next thing you can notice is that the original medial text appears to be artificially faded to create a distressed, aged look. The replica Off-White Rubber Dunk, however, does not take this element into consideration. The medial letters here do not look washed out or “distressed” at all, which in this case is not a good sign.

Finally, this fake Green Strike pair repeats the same Swoosh defect as the previous counterfeit. It is wavy and deformed. 

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Fake vs Real Off White Rubber Dunks

How to Legit Check Off White Dunk - The Tongue Tag Method

When it comes to the tongue tag, the most obvious element to identify is the logo. 

Firstly, the tag itself is slightly thinner in dimension, and the text is smaller. The sewing surrounding the tag is smaller too, and the stitches are inconsistent. 

Secondly, the shape of the Swoosh is wrong. The original is a bit bulkier. The letters, too, are more tall and vertically stretched. 

The final small detail to spot here is the ® trademark symbol. It should be perfectly legible, despite being so small, whereas the fake Off-White Rubber Dunk tag has it very fuzzy, blurry and barely legible. This is the fault of cheap printing.

How to Legit Check Off White Dunk

Nike Rubber Dunk Off-White Legit Check - The Rubber Overlays Method

This method of Off-White Rubber Dunk authentication requires you to pay attention to another unique detail of this model, which are the rubber overlays. 

Take note of the size and spacing between the stripes. The original stripes are placed closer together.

Next, the color of the elements may also be incorrect. This particular replica has its rubber blue elements more vibrant than the original, while the authentic is more of a pastel baby blue color.

Lastly, take note of the threading. Here the stitches are wider, and, yet again, inconsistent in size. 

Nike Rubber Dunk Off-White Legit Check

OW Rubber Dunks Real vs Fake - The Toe Box Method

As we previously mentioned, the toe box is one of your most trusted partners in Off-White Rubber Dunk legit check. It has plenty of small flaws and differences that are not easy to spot at first glance. So let’s look into them!

Firstly, the stitching, as we mentioned before, is done in a more crude and inconsistent way.

Secondly, we advise you to check the little oval-shaped perforations between the toe box and the throat. On the unauthentic sneaker they are located further apart. 

Another important thing is the patterns of the toe box. There are two: the wavy pattern of the toe box itself, and the net pattern of the throat. If you look closely, both of them are a little bigger on the replica, while the original ones are small and delicate.

OW Rubber Dunks Real vs Fake

How to Spot Real Off White Dunks - The Heel Method

The heel does feature a difference from the rest of Off-White x Nike models, which is the rubber logo. 

The most noticeable issue here is the threading. You can easily notice how the fake stitches differ in style from the authentic ones. It is possible that a different technique was used in production of the replica Off-White Rubber Dunk. They are bigger and wider. Not just that, but the sews are also inconsistent in size and length, while the real stitches are always identical to each other.

How to Spot Real Off White Dunks

Rubber Dunk Off White Authentication - The Outsole Method

Coming up next is the outsole. There are two elements to point out here: the shapes and the colors.

As for the shapes, they are mostly correct except for some inconsistencies. For example, the smallest of the circles on the upper part of the sole. The real shoe has it bigger.

The colors, of course, differ depending on the colorway, but for this one the flaw is pretty obvious. The blue part is too vibrant when it should be a more muted, lighter tone. 

Rubber Dunk Off White Authentication

Fake Off White Rubber Dunk - The Footbed Method

To conclude our inspection, let’s pay attention to the element that almost always, without doubt, helps us spot a fake item. This element is the footbed, located under the insole of your shoe.

Here you pretty much only need to pay attention to the sewing. It is clear that the stitches are bigger on the fake and placed further apart from each other. The original, on the other hand, is done in a much more neat and careful way.

Fake Off White Rubber Dunk

How to authenticate Nike Rubber Dunk Off-White?

Make sure you pay attention to the rubber detailing, and the midsole. The cheap unauthorised pairs tend to have glue stains and inconsistencies.

Will your service help me avoid fake Off White Dunks?

The LegitGrails Team of experts will make sure to closely inspect every aspect of your pair to ensure a reliable outcome. Feel free to submit the photos of your pair via this link: Off White Authentication.

See If Your Nike Air Rubber Dunk Off-White Are Authentic

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