How To Spot Fake Off-White Belt

How To Spot Fake Off-White Belt

To authenticate a well-known Off-White belt start by observing the stitching as it might be your biggest clue whether or not the belt you own/planning on buying is fake. Next, check the overall belt quality followed by the font method. Do not forget to examine the backside of the belt as well as the buckle itself. Finally, finish off with the lettering and tag method.

How To Legit Check Off-White Belt?

Off-White Belt Authentication: The Stitching Method

Stitching always gives away fake items as counterfeiters do not use the same high-quality technology, which automatically means asymmetrical and sloppy sewing.

You can see how every stitch on the original belt is equal-sized whereas they are all different on the fake model. This is not only a physical issue but will show its effects after this sewing will not be able to hold the belt together (the same issues can be found with the fake Gucci Supreme belt).

The difference also appears in the belt quality, as you can see how each element on the authentic model is defined whereas the fake belt seems to be a little smoother, but we should take a closer look in the next method. 

Off-White Belt Authentication

Fake Off-White Belt: The Belt Quality Method

If you observe the original belt, you'll notice how "braided" the effect the surface has whereas the fake belt is just smooth and plain. This can be explained very easily: replica factories do not have the same high technologies so achieving identical designs is impossible.

Fake Off-White Belt

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How To Spot Fake Off-White Belt

How To Legit Check Off-White Belt: The Font Method

Let's compare authentic and replica fonts.

Letters on the original belt are bold, wide, and defined whereas the fake lettering is much narrower and thinner. What's even worse, the letters are not similarly shaped in the right picture, which gives away its fakeness immediately.

Another major difference is in the colors, as original hues pop right up and it is not the case with the replica belt.

How To Legit Check Off-White Belt

How To Spot Fake Off-White Belt: The Backside Method

Observing the belt from the backside is as important as any other step.

Counterfeiters decided to reduce the cost by using fewer materials which shows in the right picture. They also thought that the backside was not that important so they made the sewing as sloppy as ever.

How To Spot Fake Off-White Belt

Legit Check Off-White Belt

Off-White Belt Real Vs Fake: The Buckle Method

If as important a detail as the buckle is made poorly, there will not be a point in wearing a belt at all if it unbuckles on itself. Unfortunately, the material quality of the fake model suggests that it will do just that.

The replica spring is not as tight either.

Off-White Belt Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Off-White Belt: The Lettering Method

Let's take a look at the lettering on the buckle.

Letters on the authentic model are pretty small but bold. On the contrary, the text is much bigger in the right picture but the letters are thinner and boxy, giving the buckle a cheap look.

Overall, the fake buckle has more or less of a box-like shape compared to the left picture (for similar issues, check out Louis Vuitton belt).

Real Vs Fake Off-White Belt

How To Spot Fake Off-White Belt

How To Tell If Off-White Belt Is Fake: The Tag Method

Stitching above the authentic tag is super thick, guaranteeing its attachment to the belt whereas the fake tag can barely hold on anymore.

The green little tag is missing on the fake belt too.

How To Tell If Off-White Belt Is Fake

What is the Off-White belt made of?

The original Off-White belt is made of an Italian heavyweight canvas.

What size is the Off-White belt?

The off-White belt is 6 ft 2 in size OS. This means that the mode can be worn in a lot of different ways that match your style the best.

Where can I get the Off-White belt authenticated?

If you doubt your authentication skills, good thing you've already found the fastest and most professional legit check service! All you need to do is reach out and we will assist you right away. Check it out: Off-White legit check.

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How To Spot Fake Off-White Belt

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