How To Spot Fake Saint Laurent College Bag

How To Spot Fake Saint Laurent College Bag

To authenticate a Yves Saint Laurent College bag start by checking the overall look carefully; observe the quilting, shapes, and measurements. Then check the logo as it might tell you a lot about the authenticity of your bag. Observe the flap and lock followed by the magnetic closure. Don't forget to analyze the font as well as the zipper. Finally, finish up your legit check process by checking the label and the dust-bag. Remember, to follow each method closely and your authentication will be a success!

How To Legit Check Saint Laurent College Bag?

Saint Laurent College Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

What we love about the Yves Saint Laurent College bag are its chic style and exquisite design. The very first difference that is noticeable in this comparison is the shape of the model: while the authentic bag is square-shaped, the counterfeit one is rectangle-like, bigger in width and smaller in height when they are supposed to be almost equal. 

You might have already noticed how much fuller the original look is: the authentic quilted leather is bulkier which makes the whole model look more fashionable whereas flat sections of fake quilted leather give the model an unfinished look. 

The replica flap also has a different shape: the authentic one is sharper and more defined; counterfeit models should be trying to copy each detail as accurately as possible.

Saint Laurent College Bag Authentication

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Fake Saint Laurent College Bag: The Logo Method

Letters of the authentic YSL logo are very nicely defined, each letter being equally big and connected to one another very smoothly giving the logo a dimensional look. On the other hand, letters of the fake logo aren't equally sized and the connecting spots aren't as smooth either: letters are mushed together and because of it the dimensional, 3D effect is lost too. 

The strap on top of the fake logo is supposed to be a little wider than it should be and besides that, the quality of the fake leather is so low that the surface layer might come off at any moment.

Fake Saint Laurent College Bag

How To Legit Check Saint Laurent College Bag: The Flap Method

The authentic quilted leather is made of symmetrical sections with stitches that are tight, solid, and neat whereas the replica sections aren't equal-sized and sewing has some problems too. Stitches on the fake flap are looser, done with thicker thread that doesn't give the sewing the same neat and seamless effect. 

Another difference that we can spot in this comparison is the logo placement: on the authentic flap, the logo is placed just above the pointy part whereas the fake logo is below the sharp ending which is a big difference. The size of the counterfeit logo is much bigger too which contributed to this mistake.

How To Legit Check Saint Laurent College Bag

How To Spot Fake Saint Laurent College Bag: The Lock Method 

This tiny lock with Saint Laurent lettering on it can tell us more than you can ever imagine. 

The authentic lock is thicker, a little bigger, and wider but the main difference is in hardware: The original lock is gold-plated whereas the fake lock sometimes is made of plastic or in better situations metal that gets darker in a few months of daily use. 

The lettering on the fake lock is tiny when the letters are supposed to be bolder, thicker, and bigger just as shown in the left picture.

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How To Spot Fake Saint Laurent College Bag

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Saint Laurent College Bag Real Vs Fake: The Magnetic Closure Method

The authentic magnetic closure is smooth, reflective, and pretty big whereas the fake one is matte, much smaller and the screw in the middle of the closure is questionable too. The circle in the middle needs to be bigger and smooth just as shown in the left picture.

Another problem that we see on the fake flap is the YSL lettering: instead of making letters smaller and asymmetrical, the counterfeit brand needed to make them bigger, thinner, and engraved deeper in the material. The "Paris" line also needs to be smaller than the "Saint Laurent" text.

Saint Laurent College Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Saint Laurent College Bag: The Font Method

The counterfeit brands always fail to copy fonts accurately so taking extra care while observing texts is a good idea. 

Letters on the authentic model are thicker, bigger, and more rounded whereas they are thinner, smaller, and sharper in the right picture which is a big difference. 

If we compare the "Paris" texts, we'll notice how tiny the letters are on the replica closure making it almost impossible to read it when the letters on the authentic model are legibly engraved deep in the hardware.

Real Vs Fake Saint Laurent College Bag

How To Tell If Saint Laurent College Bag Is Fake: The Zipper Method

The leather piece at the bottom of the authentic zipper is super narrow but the lettering on it is flawless with its sizing, engraving, and coloring. We can't say the same about the replica part, as the leather piece is much bigger than it is supposed to be and the lettering is different too: instead of making it easily peelable the counterfeit brand had to engrave the letters inside the material to make it bold and easily readable.

The last issue that we notice about this comparison is the stitching: sewing on the authentic model is seamless, but we can see each asymmetrical stitch done in a different colored thread in the right picture.

How To Tell If Saint Laurent College Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Saint Laurent College Bag: The Label Method

The label of the counterfeit bag is much different from the original one: Not only is it made of low-quality leather that looks ridiculously different from the authentic one but also is much smaller, stitched in securely to the background, and just faded. On the other hand, the authentic label is flawless with its stitching, coloring, and lettering. 

The font of the replica label is different too, it's more square-like and bigger; instead of engraving letters in the leather, the counterfeit brand decided to do otherwise.

Legit Check Saint Laurent College Bag

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Fake Vs Real Saint Laurent College Bag: The Dust-Bag Method

Our final step is checking the dust bag.

The original dust-bag is made of nice and soft material whereas the counterfeit one is polyester, which we can tell even from looking at the picture.

The last thing you should check on dust-bags is the lettering: letters on the counterfeit dust-bag are thinner, narrower, and faded when they are supposed to be thick and bold just as shown in the left picture.

Fake Vs Real Saint Laurent College Bag

Is the YSL College bag worth it?

If you are looking for a bag that can be versatile when it comes to different outfits, that can carry around your essentials and more and the most important - is chic and will gain its value over time, then the YSL College bag seems like a perfect option for you. Is it worth it? 100%!

Which is more expensive, YSL or Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton is more expensive while YSL goods are more affordable for a bigger audience. Both luxurious brands have their staple items and the price should not be the main component to decide which brand is better.

Where can I get a Saint Laurent College bag authenticated? 

It can be hard finding a trustworthy professional team that can authenticate your luxurious items in the fastest turn-around time but lucky you, if you are reading these words then you have already found one. The LegitGrails team will legit check your branded items and get you an authenticity certificate ASAP! Check it out: Saint Laurent legit check.

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