How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Retro University Blue Sneakers

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Retro University Blue Sneakers

Nobody wants to walk around with a fake pair of Jordan 4 Retro University Blue sneakers, right? They don’t look as great as the original ones, have worse materials, and can slightly damage your reputation as a fashionista.

That’s why we have gathered the best seven methods of spotting a fake pair of Jordans right here. So buckle up, cause you’re about to uncover those replicas!

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The Overall Look Method

One of the attractive features of this model is its vibrant blue color, but the replica version didn't match it well.

The authentic Air Jordan 4 University Blue model stands out with its well-defined grey midsole section and the triangle near the collar, both adorned with dark spots. However, these details aren't as clear on the fake Jordans, and the dark spots are missing.

Take note of the black rounded midsole section, which should be even rounder in the right picture and with a darker black shade.

Jordan 4 Retro University Blue Sneakers Authentication

The Side Method

Comparing the net-like section beside the laces on the genuine Jordans to the replica, you'll see that the squares are larger in the authentic version and smaller in the replica.

Upon closer examination of the stitching on the fake Air Jordan 4 University Blue, you'll notice it's thicker and has resulted in noticeable large spots. In contrast, the authentic pair demonstrates seamless stitching.

Turning our attention to the grey "triangle" on the fake Jordans, there are some discrepancies. The inner corners should be rounded instead of having a rectangular shape. Also, as mentioned earlier, the spotting needs to be more frequent and vibrant.

Fake Jordan 4 Retro University Blue Sneakers

The Laces Method

The laces on the authentic Air Jordan 4 University Blue have a bit of shine and look like they're braided, but the replica laces don't have that same pattern and are duller.

The black rubber detail has bigger sections, but it's supposed to be smaller, like on the authentic Jordan.

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How To Legit Check Jordan 4 Retro University Blue Sneakers

The Toe Box Method

The authentic Air Jordan 4 University Blue toe boxes have larger tips, separated from the rest of the toe cap by stitching. In contrast, the replica pair in the right picture has narrower and thinner tips.

Regarding the fake Jordans, the upper part of the toe box, where the net-like surface starts, is rounded. While this might not seem like a major issue, it's still a flaw, as it should have a straighter edge, just like the authentic pair.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Retro University Blue Sneakers

The Heel Counter Method

The replica factory hasn't taken much care to flawlessly replicate the logo. You can easily see how the logo lacks the sharpness, clarity, and deep black tone in the authentic version on the left.

Moreover, pointing outward, the six rectangles on the replica heel counter should have a more rounded shape rather than looking sharp and flat.

Jordan 4 Retro University Blue Sneakers  Real Vs Fake

The Tongue Tag Method

The tag on the genuine University Blue Jordans tongue is accurately cut and neatly stitched to the material. In contrast, the replica's tag appears carelessly cut and unevenly stitched.

Moreover, the color combination on the replica differs: the red hue should be brighter, the white shade should have a slight shine, and the numbers need to be slimmer and more distinct.

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Real Vs Fake Jordan 4 Retro University Blue Sneakers

The Box Method

The sticker on the real Jordan 4 University Blue box is smaller, which means letters and numbers are closer together and in a smaller font. On the other hand, in the right picture, these elements look larger than the authentic version.

For example, the number 10 on the fake box has more space between characters, and the characters are bigger and wider. They should match the look shown in the left picture.

How To Tell If Jordan 4 Retro University Blue Sneakers  Is Fake

Are Air Jordan 4 University Blue sneakers worth it?

Looking for the hottest and the trendiest sneakers that are stylish and durable at the same time? Then you should go for the Jordan 4 Retro University Blue, as this model promises everything you want and more!

Is Jordan 4 Retro University Blue true to size?

You might think that because of its chunkiness, you might need to size up but it is not the case with this model as it perfectly goes with the size, so purchase them in your actual size!

Where can I get Jordan 4 Retro University Blue sneakers authenticated?

If you are looking for further assistance, our Hype team is here to help you with the authentication of any trendiest models.

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See If Your Jordan 4 Retro University Blue Sneakers Are Authentic

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