How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Hoodie Est. 1917

How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Hoodie Est. 1917

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We have put together a basic guide on how to authenticate Balenciaga Hoodie, particularly the ‘est. 1917’ model. Here is everything you need to know about the legit check process, with Balenciaga real vs fake comparisons.  

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The Balenciaga Logo Stitching Method 

Balenciaga hoodie real vs fake: logo

The first step of your authentication process must be inspecting the stitching of the Balenciaga logo in order to see if there are any inconsistencies. To start off, compare the logo of your hoodie with the comparison below. As indicated by the red lines, the letters of a real Balenciaga logo would be perfectly aligned both above and below the stitching.

On the contrary, the letters of a Balenciaga replica wouldn’t have an alignment pattern, as indicated by the red line on the counterfeit example. Moreover, the letters of an authentic Balenciaga logo would have a square shape, while a fake logo would look much rounder. This difference would clearly show if you compared the top left corner of the letters ‘B’ or the top right corner of the last ‘a’.

A particular font of the ‘est. 1917’ stitching must be also respected, and the replicas rarely get it correctly. On the real vs fake Balenciaga logo comparison above, notice the difference in the fonts of the two ‘est. 1917’ stitchings. Authentic letters and numbers look clean with no threads sticking out. Moreover, the authentic ‘est. 1917’ stitching is stretched vertically, which makes the font look oval.

Meanwhile, as we can see on the unauthorised Balenciaga hoodie example above, the stitching would look messy and some letters and numbers could be connected. In our counterfeit example, notice how the letter ‘t’ and the dot are connected. Another inconsistency noticed in fakes would be the incorrect font. In the comparison above, notice how the font is stretched horizontally and the letters look round. Lastly, the numbers in ‘1917’ stitching have very sharp edges, which again shows the incorrect font.

The Balenciaga Neck Tag Method 

Balenciaga hoodie real vs fake: neck label

The next step in the process of Balenciaga legit check verifying the neck tag. The font of the neck tag could throw you off but do not rush to dispute your purchase right away. The colour of the authentic neck tag would be either black with white letters or white with black letters. The font would never be smooth, instead, it would look something like our authentic example below.

Another point to consider: check the position of the text on the neck tag. On a real Balenciaga neck tag, the text would be straight and perfectly centered.

What you should pay attention to is the way the neck is sewed onto the hoodie. The tag must be attached to the hoodie with two stitching in the two top corners. As shown in the neck tag comparison above, you would hardly see any stitching or threads sticking out on a real neck tag. On the other hand, notice how messy the fake stitching is. 

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The Balenciaga Wash Tag Method 

Balenciaga hoodie real vs fake: washing label

Similar to our Balenciaga t shirt legit check guide, we advise you to legit check Balenciaga wash tag to understand if your item is authentic. Below you can see the fake vs real comparison for the Balenciaga washing label. An authentic washing label would be relatively wide, while a replica one would often be narrow and long. 

There is a model number at the bottom of the wash tag, which can be searched up in your browser. Sometimes, if the model was released a long time ago, this code would not show any relevant results on your search engine (e.g. Google). This code can also be verified on online retail platforms (e.g. Farfetch); if you search for this item on their website, the code can often be found at the bottom of the page.

This is it for this Balenciaga hoodie legit check guide. If you are still unsure if your item authentic or not, feel free to reach out to our team for their expert opinion. Also, if you are a reseller or a store owner, check out our Partner with Us section, there might be something interesting for you!

Thank you for reading this guide.

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