How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

To authenticate your Balenciaga Hourglass, start by observing the overall look with its tiny details. We advise you to check the leather thoroughly as you can tell a lot about a bag from its material quality. Don't forget to check the back on the bottom too. Observing the logo can give you information about the authenticity of the branded item right away. Check the handle and interior next, followed by the font method. Finally, finish your legit check process by observing the label and at this point, you should already be able to tell if your model is authentic or not!

How To Legit Check Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

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Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Let's take a look at the overall features of the authentic Balenciaga Hourglass and compare it to the fake model.

The very first difference that we notice is in the curvy bottom of the bag is truly the staple detail of this model: The curve of the authentic bag is much bigger whereas the counterfeit one is a little flat compared to the original look. 

The bottom of the replica bag is not as sharp either giving the bag much softer features. 

Another difference is the handle, which is not so securely stitched to the bag in the right picture, which automatically creates the impression of the bag being unsolid and sloppy.

Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Authentication

Fake Balenciaga Hourglass Bag: The Leather Method

After receiving your Balenciaga Hourglass bag, you can authenticate it by observing the leather. 

The authentic one is very detailed with a shiny surface whereas the fake leather is more matte and the pattern is different with smaller details squished together.

Fake leather can be spotted if the material feels too rough or unrealistically smooth. Counterfeit leathers do not pass the test of time and get cracked and wrinkled pretty fast.

Fake Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

How To Legit Check Balenciaga Hourglass Bag: The Bottom Side Method

The bottom piece of the authentic Balenciaga is as neat as any other part of the bag with flawlessly symmetrical sides and tight stitching.

On the other hand, the counterfeit bottom part is not as neatly cut out as it is in the left picture, because the excess part of the leather above the stitching is still there. The stitching is poorly done too, the color of the thread is too light for the background color, so the sewing pops out the moment you look at it. The stitches overall are too thin and unequal-sized.

How To Legit Check Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

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How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Hourglass Bag: The Logo Method

How hard can replicating a letter be, right? Wrong, there is nothing simple about counterfeiting Balenciaga details, including the logo. 

The original Balenciaga "B'' is very well defined, clean, and flawless with a pitch-black outline, whereas the counterfeit one is more grained and dark. The outline is not perfect either as in some places the paint is faded (the same issue can be found with the replica Celine Belt bag)

The leather piece the logo is attached to the bag with is ridiculous in the right picture as we can see that it is shoved between two layers of leather.

How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Real Vs Fake: The Handle Method

The authentic handle of the bag is a little thicker and wider than the counterfeit one which not only is narrower than the original one but also has poor sewing: The stitches on the fake handle are unequal-sized with a thread color that is super different from the bag color so the sloppy sewing pops-out right-away. 

The buckle on the fake handle is much bigger than the original one which doesn't fit other exquisite details of the model.

Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Balenciaga Hourglass Bag: The Interior Method

Balenciaga took care of the bag's interior as much as it did on the exterior: the material they used inside was leather whereas the fake interior is made out of a regular soft fabric.

Another detail worth mentioning is the stitching: sewing on the authentic interior is neat, tight, and solid so the bag lasts decades and gains its value over time. On the other hand, the stitching in the left picture is almost impossible to see as the counterfeiters did not care much about creating solid stitches that would hold pieces together.

Real Vs Fake Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

How To Tell If Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Is Fake: The Font Method

It is not a secret that counterfeiters almost always fail to copy the fonts well, and this case is no exception. 

Letters on the authentic label are thick and wide, symmetrically put on the surface whereas the fake letters are narrower, thinner, and put farther apart from one another. When the color of the fake letters was supposed to be matte golden, they are reflective, catching light so they look a little off.

How To Tell If Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Is Fake

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Legit Check Balenciaga Hourglass Bag: The Label Method

The final method we will be reviewing today is the label: the background leather of the fake label is fake, which we can tell from the peelable look of the surface, whereas the authentic one is as rough and textured as the original leather is supposed to be.

The font is also a problem in this case: letters in the right picture are bigger, but narrower and thinner when they need to be as thick and wide as they are on the original label. Fake letters are also put asymmetrically and side-ways on the counterfeit bag (check out Gucci Jackie 1961 handbag for similar issues)

Legit Check Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

Is the Balenciaga Hourglass bag worth it?

If you are looking for a bag that is stylish, exquisite, and can hold all of your essentials then the Hourglass bag might be the best option for you. The best thing is, this bag goes well with different styles, from streetwear to formal dresses.

How big is the Balenciaga Hourglass bag?

Balenciaga Hourglass bag comes in three different sizes: XS, small, and medium; the strap drop is 55 centimeters for all three, but their dimensions are different the XS being 7.4″ x 5.1″ x 3.1″, while the medium one is 12.5″ x 9.0″ x 4.7″

Where can I get a Balenciaga Hourglass bag authenticated?

If you are looking for an expert team, good for you, as you have already found one! Our professional team will get your authentication done as fast as in 30 minutes, doesn’t it sound amazing? All you need to do is use our legit check services. Check it out: Balenciaga legit check.

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