How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Campaign Tee

How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Campaign Tee

The LegitGrails Team believes that one of the most effective answers to the question of how to authenticate a Balenciaga Campaign logo tee is to check the printing details. There are several areas that can be verified, those include the washing label, and the outer logo details. You must keep in mind that the replica Balenciaga tee manufacturers often get the fonts wrong. Follow this Balenciaga authentication guide to make sure your item is legit!

There are differences between the earlier and later releases of this model. Make sure you follow the 1th, 3rd, and 5th steps if you are looking at the 2017 version. Otherwise, look at the 2nd, 4th and the 6th steps.

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Balenciaga Logo Tee Legit Check: The Older Logo Print

The earlier version of the Balenciaga Campaign t-shirt presents the regular logo together with the smaller ‘2017’ print. To verify such items, look closely at the formatting of the text. The replicas often get the spacing wrong, putting the characters too close together. The fake Balenciaga t-shirts also tend to have the text looking too thick or too thin.

Another detail worth mentioning are the three curves placed under the Balenciaga logo. The real ones look thinner at their left tail, and more spaced out on the right. Meanwhile, the counterfeit Balenciaga t-shirts often have these lines looking too thick.

Balenciaga Logo Tee Legit Check

The newer releases have this bak logo looking similar, yet the ‘2017’ printing is missing. Again, we advise you to look closely at the curves, and make sure that their thickness and spacing are consistent. The fake Balenciaga Campaign logos often get the shade of red wrong as well, making it look rather orange.

Remember to verify the fonts used in the main logo as well. As you may notice in the real vs fake Balenciaga Campaign logo tee comparison below, the replica print looks much smaller and bulkier.

How To Authenticate Balenciaga T-Shirt

Fake vs Real Balenciaga Campaign Tee: The 2017 Neck Tag

The older version of this model would have its neck tag looking like the authentic example below. Make sure that you verify the logo embroidery, and check whether the fonts are correct.

Some of the typical flaws found in the replica Balenciaga Campaign logo t-shirts are the fonts that are too thick, and the incorrect line spacing.

It is also worth noticing the way the label is attached to the t-shirt; you may notice how the fake reference below has the right side of the label placed too low.

Fake vs Real Balenciaga Campaign Tee

How To Spot A Real Balenciaga T-Shirt: The Recent Neck Tag

The more recent releases have their neck tags feature a simpler version of the logo. The typical flaws found in those often involve the wrong fonts as well. Making sure the outlines of the letters are smooth, and that the spacing is correct is crucial here.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the texture of the collar. This area shows the collar pretty clearly, so verifying the knitting pattern would say a lot about the authenticity of your item. The real collars have a much denser pattern, while the fakes have the blocks more spread out. 

You can use this same method to authenticate a fake Balenciaga Speedhunters T-Shirt.

How To Spot A Real Balenciaga T-Shirt

Balenciaga Campaign T-Shirt Authentication: The Earlier Wash Tag

Looking at the washing label from 2017, the format might seem unusual. You can always find the year the item was released by checking the middle part of the first model code. 

When checking the format, make sure all the fonts are respected. As you may notice in the Balenciaga Campaign t-shirt fake vs real comparison below, the Balenciaga logo is much smaller in the fake label. The washing instructions also have the wrong format in the fake. 

Another aspect to double-check here is the length of the size label. The replicas often have this label looking too short or way too long.

Additionally, it is crucial to check whether the label has the right texture or not. The authentic labels have a very smooth texture, while the fakes often look and feel grainy.

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Balenciaga Logo T-Shirt Real vs Fake: The Latest Washing Label

The more recent Balenciaga t-shirts have a different format of their labels. Here, what matters the most is the placement of the text. Making sure the logo is placed close enough to the top edge, while the rest of the text is shifted more to the right is key.

Moreover, as with the rest of the text details check whether the fonts are correct. The fakes often have the code printing looking too thick. 

Balenciaga Logo T-Shirt Real vs Fake

How can I tell if my Balenciaga shirt is real?

The most reliable way to tell if your Balenciaga shirt is real is to inspect all inner labels. 

Are Balenciaga T-shirts made in Italy?

Yes, Balenciaga T-shirts are produced in Italy.

Where can I get my Balenciaga Campaign Logo T-Shirt authenticated?

You can order a professional Balenciaga authentication using our legit check services. Get results in 30 minutes along with an authenticity certificate. Check out: Balenciaga legit check.

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