How to spot fake Balenciaga Campaign T-shirt | Balenciaga T-shirt Fake vs Real

Here is a Balenciaga legit check guide for you to avoid the confusion when verifying real and fake Balenciaga Campaign Logo t-shirt. This Balenciaga t-shirt legit check guide, together with fake vs real comparisons will also distinguish real vs fake Balenciaga 2017 Campaign Logo t-shirt. In case you still have doubts about authenticity of your item please feel free to reach out to our experts and use our 24/7 authentication services.

How To Legit Check Balenciaga Campaign T-Shirt?

The Balenciaga 2017 Campaign Logo Method 

When verifying a Balenciaga Campaign Logo t-shirt, start with the logo itself. Below, there is a real vs fake comparison for the 2017 version of the t shirt. Notice the difference in the fonts of the two logos. An authentic Balenciaga Campaign t shirt would have its font look like the authentic example, with the letter ‘a’ only slightly touching the white line below. A fake Balenciaga Campaign Logo would have its font looking bulkier, refer to the fake example below. The letters look too thick and small, while an authentic logo looks more stretched vertically.

Balenciaga T shirt Legit Check | Balenciaga Real vs Fake

Next, notice the different shades of red on both logos, the real one is a darker red colour, while the fake one has an orange tone. Lastly, verify if the ‘2017’ printing has the correct font and thickness. A fake Balenciaga 2017 Campaign Logo t shirt would have this printing looking too bold and small.

The Neck Tag Method 

Your next step should be inspecting the neck tag of your Balenciaga 2017 Campaign t shirt. An authentic neck tag would be black with white letters. The font of the ‘Balenciaga’ logo would be thick and aligned perfectly. This model’s neck tag would also have ‘Paris’ stitched under the Balenciaga logo, which would be much thinner. The gap between the two words would be the size of the ‘Paris’ stitching itself. 

Balenciaga T shirt Legit Check | Balenciaga Real vs Fake

The Wash Tag Method 

Lastly, verify your Balenciaga 2017 Campaign t shirt wash tag. An authentic Balenciaga washing label would be long and wide, as opposed to a fake one, which is short and narrow. The size tag would be placed to the left of the centre of the wash tag, and it would be long enough to cover the washing instructions. The fake size tags are often too short and too wide, please refer to our fake vs real Balenciaga wash tag comparison below. 

Balenciaga T shirt Legit Check | Balenciaga Real vs Fake

When it comes to the text of the Balenciaga 2017 Campaign tee washing label, there are three points to consider:

  1. The text on the Balenciaga wash tag must be centred for this model. There are numerous variations of the text placement on the Balenciaga wash tags and fake manufacturers often mix those up. On our real vs fake comparison above, however, the fake wash tag got the placement right. 
  2. The Balenciaga logo must have the same fonts as that on the neck tag. For the 2017 model of the t shirt, the logo must look like the one on our authentic Balenciaga wash tag example. 
  3. The text must go in this order: washing instructions, the Balenciaga logo, the production information and then the model information. The model code can be verified either in your search engine (e.g. Google) or on some online retailer platforms (e.g. Farfetch) in the bottom of the page of this product.

This is it for the Balenciaga 2017 Campaign tee legit check guide. However, if you are still unsure whether your Balenciaga t shirt is authentic or not, we advise you to use our Balenciaga legit checking service! Our experts will make sure that your item is verified and every single detail is considered.

Thanks a lot for reading our guide!

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