How to Spot Fake Balenciaga Triple S

How to Spot Fake Balenciaga Triple S

Are you hunting for a new pair of Balenciaga Triple S but don’t know how to spot the difference between a fake and a genuine pair? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

In today’s article, we’ll describe the top nine methods of spotting a fake pair of Balenciaga Triple S!

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The “Triple S” Logo

Let's start by looking at the "triple S" logo on the tongue of the shoe. You'll see the logo kind of pops out; it's not flat. Because of that, it might wear out over time, as you can see in our side-by-side photo comparison. But don't worry; this doesn't mean it's fake.

What does give it away is how the letters feel. They're stuck onto a surface that feels like really good rubber. The real deal has letters on a flat-looking background, not shiny like the fakes.

Also, the tongue of the shoe should be stretchy but firm. Fake ones usually have tongues that are thin and made from cheap material, so they fold easily and lose their shape.

Lastly, the shape of the tongue is a clue too. The top of the real tongue has a curve, while fake ones are just straight.

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How to spot fake Balenciaga Triple S

The Size Tag

Next, let's talk about the size tag. You might think looking up the product code online will tell you if it's real or not. But be careful; fakes can have the same code.

First, a quick note: don't worry if it says "made in China." That doesn't mean it's fake. Balenciaga used to make their shoes in Italy but moved to China a few years ago. Let's hope they're still making them well!

Now, look at two things: the stitching and the way the letters look. The stitches should be neat and all the same size. If they're small and messy, that's a bad sign.

For the letters, fakes usually have bigger and blurrier letters. The real ones have letters that are smaller but easier to read.
Balenciaga Triple S fake VS real

The Midsole

Checking if the Balenciaga Triple S midsole is real can be confusing because it has lots of details. We'll point out a few things to make it easier for you.

First, look for any glue spots on the middle and bottom of the shoe. A real, pricey shoe like this shouldn't have any glue showing. If you see some, that's a warning sign it could be fake. Next, there's a small smiley face on the middle part of the shoe. On the real and fake ones, it looks almost the same. But the smiley on the real shoe is a bit easier to see.

Last, look at the stitching. Good stitching is a sign of quality. On fake ones, the stitches are bigger and not neat. They're also spaced out more and lay too flat. Real ones have stitches that make little angles.

Balenciaga Triple S legit check

The Toebox

For the front part of the shoe, or the toe box, look at the mesh material on top. Real ones have small, nice-looking, and strong mesh. Fake ones have a bigger mesh that looks and feels cheaper.

Also, check other small things. The real toe box has a flat look, not shiny like the fake ones. The stitches on the fake ones are also bigger and not as neat.

The toebox is one of the first things to check. You can use this exact method to spot fake Balenciaga Track sneakers too.

Balenciaga Triple S authentication

The Size Number

One unique thing about Balenciaga Triple S shoes is that the size is shown on the front part, not inside the shoe.

First, the two numbers should have some space between them. On fake ones, the numbers are too close or even touching. Also, if you're new to this shoe, the size numbers should be stitched, not just printed on.

Real VS fake Balenciaga Triple S

The Heel Loop

For this step, look at the loop on the back of the shoe. Pull the loop back and see the stitch under it. On fake shoes, this stitch is big and easy to see. On real ones, it's almost hidden. Also, the loop on real shoes is higher up.

Don't just look at the loop; check out other things on the back too. Like the mesh part at the bottom. On fake ones, it's smaller and may have threads sticking out, making it look cheap.

Replica Balenciaga Triple S

Lastly, look at the part the loop is connected to. Real ones have a flat finish, but fakes are shiny.

Are you curious to learn more about Balenciaga authentication? Make sure to read our guides on other models:Balenciaga Speed trainers, Balenciaga Track sneakers.

The Shoelaces

When you look at shoelaces, you might think real and fake Balenciaga Triple S shoes are the same. But they're not, and here's how you can tell.

Real laces are strong, thick, and last a long time. Fake ones are softer, stretchy, and break easily. Try pulling a lace apart. If it comes apart easily, it's probably fake.

Also, look at the pattern on the lace. On real ones, the white marks are smaller. That's because real laces are made of lots of small threads packed tightly together. Fake ones use bigger threads that are more spread out.

Balenciaga Triple S fake

The Footbed

This method is a little tricky. You'll need to take out the shoe's insole and look at what's underneath. This simple check can tell you a lot about how good the shoe is. You'll notice that the color and stitching look different on real and fake ones. But don't get stuck on that; here's the main test.

Bend or wiggle the shoe a bit and watch the bottom part inside. If only the stitching moves and the bottom stays put, the shoe is probably real and well-made. On fake ones, the bottom part will move, showing that they're not made well.

How to legit check Balenciaga Triple S

Also, real ones have a hole at the bottom that fakes don't have. We're not sure why, but it's a good thing to look for.

Remember, making fake shoes is getting better and better. So, it's getting harder to tell real ones from fakes. This guide can help, but if you spent a lot of money, you might want to get a pro to check them for you.

The Insole

Last but not least, let's talk about the inside cushion or insole. Good news, it's easy to take out for a closer look. First, feel how bendy but strong it is. Real ones are stretchy but tough. Fake ones are more hard and stiff.

Now, check out the front of the insole. It should have the brand name, Balenciaga, on it. Look carefully to see if anything seems off, then flip it over.

The back should have a design on it. Cheaper fakes often miss this detail. They don't look as nice and even the edges might be a bit rough.

Fake VS Real Balenciaga Triple S

Are Balenciaga Triple S Out of Style?

With new variations and colorways of this model dropping pretty often, as well as the classic ones staying as popular as ever, it’s safe to say Balenciaga Triple S is here to stay.

Sadly, it also means that the price to get your hands on them stays hefty - about 1000$ if buying on the official website.

Do Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers Run Big?

Many owners of these trainers say that the shoes fit a bit loosely, especially around the toe box. You can buy true size for more comfort, or go down a size for a perfect fit. Remember that it also depends on the width of your feet, though!

How do I Know if my Balenciaga Triple S are Real?

If our guide was a bit too confusing for you, or if you simply need a little extra help, we’ve got your back! Contact our legit check experts who will gladly assist you with authenticating any brand item. Check our service here: Balenciaga legit check.

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