How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers

How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers

Balenciaga Speed Trainers – one of the most unique and popular pairs of shoes in the world. With the immense popularity, more and more counterfeit factories started replicating these shoes.

If you don’t want to own a replica of the Balenciaga Speed Trainers, we have gathered the seven best methods of spotting a fake pair of Speed Trainers. So buckle up, because we’re in for a ride!

Key Takeaways:

  • Balenciaga Speed trainers are often replicated with cheap materials and poor stitching, making it essential to check if the shoes you are buying are authentic.

  • These shoes' unique double-knit jersey material makes it easy to immediately check if they are real, simply from a quick look and feel.

  • Compare the logo placement on the sock, rear side, and on the shoe's soles with images of the real ones to determine whether your shoes are true Balenciaga.

  • Check the color and text on the dustbag against the real one to ensure the authenticity of your shoes.

  • If you still feel uneasy about whether the shoes you are looking at are real, use our quick and efficient authentication service to verify them beyond a doubt.

How to legit check Balenciaga Speed Trainers?

The Overall Form Method

The first thing that stands out about these shoes is their simple shape with smooth lines. This unique look makes spotting any issues with the shoe's outline easy.

The materials are also notable – the upper is made from nylon double-knit jersey, and the sole uses a special rubber with memory technology.

The sock's fabric should be both thick and sturdy while also feeling smooth and stretchy. If you see any visible glue where the fabric meets the sole, that's a sign of a problem.

Also, take a look at the toe box. It should have a slight upward point, adding to its smooth appearance.

How to Spot Fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers - legit check Balenciaga Speed Trainers

The Heel Method

When checking the heel, focus on the texture of the knitting. The fabric at the back is thicker, while the front is lighter for comfort, less weight, and breathability. If the shoe's thickness is the same everywhere, it might be a fake.

This flaw is noticeable in the picture below. The real shoe has a thicker, noticeable heel with a slight bump or curve. But the fake one has the same texture all over, causing a small dent.

How to authenticate Balenciaga speed trainers

The Balenciaga Print Method

An easily noticeable mistake in fake Balenciaga Speed sneakers is the incorrect logo placement on the sock part, either too close or too far from the midsole. This issue is well demonstrated in the image below.

Balenciaga Speed trainers legit check

Let's look at another example of fake versus real Balenciaga Speed trainers to understand the difference more clearly. The fake logo is positioned farther from the midsole, and the letters are noticeably thicker. Additionally, the characters have blurry lines in the counterfeit version, whereas the genuine logo maintains clear, sharp lines.

Legit check Balenciaga speed trainers

Remember that logo cracking can occur in authentic and replica Balenciaga Speed sneakers. If you notice changes in the logo's appearance after wearing the shoes, it's normal.

The Rear Side Text Method

Another crucial step in confirming the authenticity of Balenciaga Speed trainers is checking the logo on the lower heel section. We'll look at two examples to make it clearer.

In the first comparison, it's evident that a replica of lower quality is being shown. The letters are much thinner, and their shapes are inconsistent. For instance, when you compare the "A" letters, you'll see clear differences. The first "A" is bigger and placed lower, while the last one is narrower.

Balenciaga Speed trainers fake VS real

In the second picture, you can see that the distance from the edge is smaller. Also, you'll notice that the letters on the fake version are not stamped as deeply, making them harder to read.

Fake VS Real Balenciaga Speed trainers

Authenticate With Real Experts


The Balenciaga Sticker Method

Though the laminated sticker might seem unimportant, it's worth focusing on. Besides the Balenciaga text, the sticker should display the European shoe size and the "Made in Italy" detail.

Regarding the mistakes in this replica, the sticker's size varies. It's a bit taller and wider, unlike the smaller genuine one.

Moreover, the texture is different too. The fake Balenciaga Speed trainer's sticker lacks the shiny, laminated appearance of the authentic version.

How to legit check Balenciaga Speed trainers

The Outsole Logo Method

The bottom part of this shoe is made of special rubber with "memory sole" technology. This detail is vital for confirming authenticity as it makes the shoe unique. The rubber should feel smooth, and the bottom should have distinct sections forming it. Let's move on to the Balenciaga logo stamped on the sole.

Firstly, make sure the logo is stamped clearly and looks right. Regarding the letters, the real ones are quite thin, while the fake ones often seem thicker. You can spot this issue in the picture below. Also, the letters on fake versions might be closer together than they should be.

Balenciaga Speed Trainers fake

In the second example, which shows a lower-quality fake, you'll notice that some counterfeits completely mess up the logo on the sole. Here, the letters look strange and inconsistent, with some being thicker than others. They don't resemble the original logo much.

Fake Balenciaga Speed trainers

The Dustbag Method

As shown in the picture below, you'll notice a slight difference in color. The real one has a creamy-white shade with a hint of gray, whereas the fake version leans more toward gray.

Moreover, the Balenciaga text on the dustbag should be smaller, with thinner letters. It could have the same problems we pointed out in our previous explanations, such as uneven spacing between letters and an irregular shape.

How to tell if Balenciaga Speed trainers are fake

How to authenticate Balenciaga Speed trainers at home?

The things that are the most important to pay attention to are:
  • The fabric material that the sock part is made of. It should be elastic, but thick and durable. The knitting should get thicker at the heel, but lighter at the toe box.
  • The prints featured on the knit part, the heel, the outsole and the sockliner. Focus specifically on the font and the alignment of text.
  • The “memory sole” rubber outsole.

Where to get Balenciaga trainers professionally authenticated?

If you want your trainers authenticated by our professionals, please let us know. We provide excellent legit check services with detailed descriptions, 24/7 live chat with our experts and unique authenticity certificates.

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