How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers

Balenciaga Speed trainers, first released in 2016, are still as popular as ever. Whether you already own this pair, or are just thinking about purchasing one, we suggest you check it for authenticity, as there are countless counterfeits on the market. Do you want to know how to do it in a quick and easy way? Follow through the 7 steps of our guide to find out, and learn where you can order a professional legit check of your brand items!
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How To Legit Check Balenciaga Speed Trainers?

Balenciaga Speed Trainers Fake VS Real - The Overall Form Method

The first thing that catches the eye when looking at these shoes is their minimalistic shape with smooth lines. It is rather unique, and because of that, it will be no problem for you to spot if there is something wrong with the silhouette of your shoe. 
The materials are also quite unusual, being nylon double-knit jersey for the upper, and special rubber with memory technology for the sole. The fabric of the sock should be thick and durable, but also smooth and elastic, taking the shape of your foot as you put it on. There should be no visible glue where the fabric is bonded with the outsole.
As for the toe box, it should be slightly pointed upwards for a smooth shape.

How to Spot Fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers - legit check Balenciaga Speed Trainers

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Balenciaga Speed Trainers Legit Check - The Heel Method

One thing to notice about the heel is the texture of the knitting. In particular, the fabric on the rear side of the shoe is more thick to give your ankle support, whereas the front is lighter to make the shoe more comfortable, lightweight and breathable. This is why, if you notice your shoe being the same thickness, it is a replica. 
You can see exactly this flaw on the following fake VS real Balenciaga Speed trainer comparison below. The authentic shoe is thicker at the heel and has a distinct shape with slight bump/curve. The inauthentic model, however, has the same texture as the rest of the shoe, thus slightly caving in.

How to authenticate Balenciaga speed trainers

How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers - The Balenciaga Print Method

A common mistake that you can spot in counterfeit Balenciaga Speed sneakers is that the logo on the sock part is placed either too close or too far from the midsole. The image below shows it perfectly.

Balenciaga Speed trainers legit check
Let’s look at one more Balenciaga Speed trainers fake VS real example to better understand the difference. Here you can see how the unauthentic logo is placed further away from the midsole, and the letters are noticeably more thick. It also seems that the characters have fuzzier lines, whereas the original ones are very clear.

Legit check Balenciaga speed trainers
Please note that cracking of the logo is normal in both authentic and replica Balenciaga Speed sneakers. So if you notice the logo of your shoes looking different after some wearing, it is normal.

Balenciaga Speed Trainers Authentication - The Rear Side Text Method

Another important step in Balenciaga Speed trainers authentication is verifying the logo placed on the bottom part of the heel. For this method, as well as the previous one, we are going to observe 2 examples for better comprehension. 
The first comparison shows a replica that has worse quality. The letters are noticeably thinner, and they are not consistent in shapes. For example, if you compare the “A”’s, you can see how all of them actually look a bit different, the 1st one being bigger than the rest and placed lower, while the last one is thinner in width. 

Balenciaga Speed trainers fake VS real
The second picture shows that the distance from the border is smaller. You can also notice how the letters of the fake seem to be stamped not as deeply, which makes them less legible.

Fake VS Real Balenciaga Speed trainers

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Fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers - The Balenciaga Sticker Method

The laminated sticker might seem like a minor detail, but you should pay special attention to it. Apart from the Balenciaga text, the sticker should include the European size of the shoe and the “Made in Italy text”.
Now to the mistakes of this replica, the sticker is different in dimension. It is slightly taller and wider, while the authentic is smaller. 
The texture is also different. On the Balenciaga Speed trainer fake it is not as shiny and laminated as on the real one. 

How to legit check Balenciaga Speed trainers

Fake VS Real Balenciaga Speed Trainers - The Outsole Logo Method

The outsole of this shoe is made of special rubber with “memory sole” technology. It is an important part of the authentication, as it is a detail that makes the shoe really unique. The rubber should be smooth, with different panels forming the outsole. Now, let’s move on to the Balenciaga logo stamped on the sole.
First things first, make sure the logo is stamped properly. It should be well visible. As for the font, the letters on the authentic are rather thin, whereas the fake ones tend to be more bold. You can see this flaw in the picture below. The characters are also more tightly spaced together than they should be.

Balenciaga Speed Trainers fake
The second example, which features a lower quality replica, shows how some fakes get the outsole logo completely wrong, This one, in particular, has its letters shaped in a very weird way, with some being thicker than others. They are not even close to being similar to the original. 

Fake Balenciaga Speed trainers

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How To Legit Check Balenciaga Speed Trainers - The Dustbag Method

Finally, let’s examine the dustbag that comes with these shoes. 
As you can see on the image below, the color is slightly wrong. The original has a creamy-white tone with a slight shade of grey, while the fake looks more grey-ish. 
The Balenciaga text should also be smaller, with thinner letters. It might have all the same flaws as we mentioned in our previous methods, such as letter spacing and uneven shape.

How to tell if Balenciaga Speed trainers are fake

How to authenticate Balenciaga Speed trainers at home?

The things that are the most important to pay attention to are:
  • The fabric material that the sock part is made of. It should be elastic, but thick and durable. The knitting should get thicker at the heel, but lighter at the toe box.
  • The prints featured on the knit part, the heel, the outsole and the sockliner. Focus specifically on the font and the alignment of text.
  • The “memory sole” rubber outsole.

Where to get Balenciaga trainers professionally authenticated?

If you want your trainers authenticated by our professionals, do not hesitate to let us know. We provide excellent legit check services with detailed descriptions, 24/7 live chat with our experts and unique authenticity certificates. Try it out here: Balenciaga legit check.

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