How To Spot Fake Balenciaga City Bag

How To Spot Fake Balenciaga City Bag

To authenticate Balenciaga City bags start by observing the overall look followed by the corners method where you get to analyze the accuracy of the measurements. Then check the details and stitching. Don't forget to analyze the folded method as well as the pocket one. Move onto the zipper and handle methods then and finally finish up the legit check process by checking the serial number.

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Balenciaga City Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

The very first thing that we notice about the replica bag is its shape which is different from the authentic one; it isn't supposed to be a perfect rectangle but a little rounder on the edges just as shown in the left picture.

The half-circle section below the authentic zipper has a bigger outline in comparison to the counterfeit one. 

The rounded triangles on the corners of the bag are smaller on the fake model too.

Balenciaga City Bag Authentication

Fake Balenciaga City Bag: The Corners Method

The puller type of details on the corners of the bag is much bigger on the counterfeit bag when they are supposed to be narrower and thin just as shown in the left picture.

The leather outline isn't as big as it has to be either as the authentic puller has a much bigger section around it. 

The same thing can be said about the zipper outline which is much bigger on the authentic Balenciaga bag.

Fake Balenciaga City Bag

How To Legit Check Balenciaga City Bag: The Details Method

Let's take a close-up look at the bag to find some differences we couldn't find in the overall look method.

The very first noticeable thing is the stitching- while each stitch is seamless on the authentic bag, they are super visible on the counterfeit model. Not only does this make the bag cheaper looking but it also speaks of its not-so-long lifetime as the stitching is sloppy and done with thin thread that can't keep the pieces together.

The details on the original model are cut out very delicately whereas they have harsh shapes in the right picture.

How To Legit Check Balenciaga City Bag

How To Spot Fake Balenciaga City Bag: The Folded Method

Whenever you try to fold your bag, you shouldn't need any extra power for doing so as the authentic model is made of smooth leather that is pretty easily foldable, whereas if you check the right picture, you'll notice how it stays pretty unfolded. 

The bottom side of the authentic bag is much bigger with straight and flawless edges whereas the replica has some issues with measurements and detail accuracy.

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How To Spot Fake Balenciaga City Bag

Balenciaga City Bag Real Vs Fake: The Pocket Method

The replica pocket has a much bigger red label on it than the authentic one and the counterfeit model needs to be replicating everything accurately. 

The stitching that is supposed to be seamless is again super visible but as if that wasn't enough, they decided to make stitches asymmetrical and sloppy.

Letters on the fake label are also much bigger and thicker than they are supposed to be.

Balenciaga City Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Balenciaga City Bag: The Zipper Method

If you take a close look at the authentic zipper, you'll notice how straight and how close its teeth are to one another- this will make it easy for a puller to move around whereas the replica teeth are crooked and further from each other.

The fake puller itself needs to be bigger just as shown in the left picture. 

Finally, the stitching again; the replica stitches need to be as symmetrical and neat as it is on the authentic zipper instead of making it sloppy and asymmetrical.

Real Vs Fake Balenciaga City Bag

How To Tell If Balenciaga City Bag Is Fake: The Handle Method

The authentic handles turn out to be much flatter than the replica ones which will make it hard for you to carry the bag around on your shoulder. 

The rope entwined around the handles is much narrower on the authentic one too. 

The counterfeit brand would have made the bag more practical if it used smaller details but decided not to do so.

How To Tell If Balenciaga City Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Balenciaga City Bag: The Serial Number Method

This is one of the most important methods as we get to analyze the serial number. Sometimes, the replica items don't even have serial numbers on them but if they do, it doesn't automatically mean that you're analyzing the authentic method.

As you can see the letters B and Z are highlighted in these pictures, which indicate the season and year these bags were made in. For example in the newer collection B means Spring-Summer collection of 2017 while W means Fall-Winter collection of 2006.

Notice how differently these letters and numbers are written: the replica letters are smaller and thicker done in a dark yellow color whereas the authentic letters are in reflective golden, bigger but narrower letters.

Legit Check Balenciaga City Bag Legit Check Balenciaga City Bag

One of the most popular Balenciaga bags is the Balenciaga City which is available in different colors and different prints. Even though the model was released more than a decade ago, it still retains its trendiness.

Is the Balenciaga City bag still in style?

Even though the City bag has been around for 18 years, it still keeps its value and relevance to this day so if you have any doubts about it, you have nothing to worry about!

Where can I get a Balenciaga City bag authenticated?

Our expert team can do wonders in the shortest amount of time, so if you want to legit check your item, all you need to do is reach out and you’ll be assisted! Check it out: Balenciaga legit check.

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