How To Spot Fake Gucci Interlocking G Hoodie

How To Spot Fake Gucci Interlocking G Hoodie

The best way to authenticate a Gucci Interlocking G hoodie would be by looking closely at the labels found in the item. A replica Gucci hoodie would have the wrong fonts used in its labels, or some of the transitions would be incorrect. Make sure you check the stitching patterns found throughout the item. Follow the guide below to learn more about Gucci Hoodie legit check process. Make sure you use our Gucci legit check service in case you are unsure of the authenticity of your item.

How to legit check Gucci Interlocking G Hoodie?

How To Spot Fake Gucci Hoodies: The Chest Logo Print

Start the Gucci authentication process by verifying the logo print found in the front side of your Gucci Interlocking G hoodie. Make sure that the format checks out, meaning that the text has the right spacing and fonts. 

The replica Gucci hoodies tend to have this print looking much bulkier, as the letters are often wider and smaller than those found in an authentic piece. The interlocking G logo also tends to be smaller in the fake Gucci Interlocking G hoodies. 

Another point to note here is the colour of the printing. In the real vs fake Gucci Hoodie comparison below, pay attention to the sail shade of the real print, and the snow-white shade of the replica logo.

How To Spot Fake Gucci Hoodies

The different-grade replicas make different mistakes when trying to copy the OG style. The LegitGrails Team is going to show you a few examples of the neck labels to educate you on those varying flaws. 

Fake vs Real Gucci Interlocking G Hoodie: The Lower-Quality Neck Tag

The cheaper Gucci fakes often fail to copy the neck label due to the stitching found in the upper corners. The threads used in the stitching must be red, and the sews must be rather thick and horizontal. Some authentics may have this stitching appear vertical after some time of use, so make sure the rest of the item checks out with the guide as well.

Another important detail to verify here is the inside texture of the hoodie. The fake Interlocking G Gucci hoodies often have a very rough texture with thick threads. An authentic Gucci hoodie would have a softer texture, with a consistent pattern. 

Fake vs Real Gucci Interlocking G Hoodie

Gucci Interlocking G Hoodie Authentication: The Higher-Quality Neck Tag

The neck label is also the main logo label of the hoodie, so it is crucial to verify if the logo looks correct. Make sure that the Gucci logo does not look bulky, as the fakes often have their letters look rather square-shaped. In the Gucci Hoodie fake vs real comparison below, the difference is obvious. 

Looking at a higher-accuracy replica hoodie, it is worth examining the ‘Made in Italy’ label, which is placed right below the main neck tag. This mini label often appears inconsistent either due to its size, or due to the look of its text. Make sure that the text is not too small or too large, and that the fonts are consistent with our real example below.

Gucci Interlocking G Hoodie Authentication

How To Authenticate Gucci Interlocking G Hoodie: The Backside Of The Neck Tag

The LegitGrails Team always requests clear photos of all the pages of all the labels found in your item, as there are such areas as the backside of the neck label, which are vital in the clothing authentication process. Here we must check the stitching and the quality of the embroidery.

Firstly, make sure that the smaller label is correctly attached to the main logo tag. The replicas rarely get this detail right, as those often show messy sews and other obvious inconsistencies. 

Then, verify the quality of the Gucci logo embroidery; even though the extent to which the logo shows varies the across retail hoodies as well. What we advise to do here to locate any embroidery inconsistencies. As you may notice in the comparison below, the replica logo’s outline appears to be messy, while the real Gucci logo has the right shape.

How To Authenticate Gucci Interlocking G Hoodie

How to Legit Check A Gucci Hoodie: The Washing Label

When it comes to checking the washing label, you need to pay attention to the formatting of the text. What we mean by formatting is mainly the fonts used, the spacing between the characters and the lines, and the overall placement of the text. 

An authentic Gucci Interlocking G hoodie has considerable space between the upper stitching and the main Gucci logo. Notice how in the replica example below, the logo is placed too far up. Such inconsistencies often appear due to the fact that the replica manufacturers got the overall dimensions of the label wrong. Hence, it is likely that the text is placed too far up, because the label itself is considerably smaller than usual, because the item is not authentic.

Make sure that the fonts look right, so look out for the typical flaws such as the text looking too thin or too thick.

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How to Legit Check A Gucci Hoodie

Gucci Hoodie Real vs Fake: The Size Tag

The size tag must be placed on the left side of the washing label; some fakes have it placed on the right, some do not have one at all. The length of the label is also important: the fake hoodies may have this tag being too short or too long.

Focus of the embroidery in the size tag of your Gucci Interlocking G hoodie. A counterfeit Gucci hoody may have the size indication with a messy outline, similar to the flaw found in the backside of the neck label.

Gucci Hoodie Real vs Fake

How much does it cost to authenticate a Gucci Interlocking G hoodie?

LegitGrails Team offers Gucci Interlocking G authentications starting at 9$ for a 24 hours answer time.

Where can I get my Gucci Interlocking G hoodie authenticated?

The most reliable source for Gucci authentications is available here. Authenticate your items with our team, available 24/7, authenticity certificate included, live chat with experts is available too. Check out: Gucci Legit Check.


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