16 Best Places to Sell Luxury Watches Online

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The digital era has transformed how we buy and sell personal items, and luxury watches are no exception.

Whether you're a collector making room for new pieces, someone inheriting a timepiece you don't intend to wear, or just looking to make some extra cash, selling your luxury watch online can be profitable and satisfying.

However, the challenge lies in finding the right marketplace. The ideal platform should offer not just a great price but also security, convenience, and trustworthiness.

Here, we dive into some of the best places to sell luxury watches, either online or in person, to help you make an informed decision.

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Where to Sell Your Watch Online or in Person

Here are the best marketplaces you can use to sell watches online.


Worthy.com Logo

Worthy is an innovative luxury auction platform designed to sell pre-owned jewelry and watches. Distinguishing itself with a unique, user-friendly process, Worthy assists sellers in reaching vetted professional buyers willing to pay competitive prices. 

From providing complimentary shipping and insurance for your valuables to conducting professional, objective appraisals, Worthy ensures transparency and builds trust. 

What sets them apart is their auction system: after the authentication and evaluation process, your luxury item is presented to multiple buyers in competitive online auctions. 

This approach often leads to offers that match or exceed your estimated value, ensuring you receive a fair market price. 

Worthy is particularly commended for its exceptional customer service, maintaining open lines of communication, and offering guidance throughout. 

By handling every step meticulously, from appraisal to auction to final sale, Worthy provides a secure, efficient, and profitable experience for those looking to sell a watch online. 


  • They handle the entire sales process, from evaluation to photography and auction, reducing the seller's burden.

  • They have a team of experts providing accurate appraisals, ensuring you set a fair reserve price.

  • Worthy targets a network of professional buyers, ensuring legitimate bids.


  • The sales process might take longer than direct selling as you wait for the right buyer.

  • They charge a percentage of the sale as their fee, which varies depending on the watch's selling price.


chrono24 logo

Chrono24 is a premier online marketplace for luxury watches, connecting buyers and sellers worldwide. It boasts a vast selection of high-end timepieces, offering a platform for individuals and professional dealers to conduct transactions. 

What makes Chrono24 unique is its dedicated focus on watches. It provides various tools and services that enhance buyer confidence, such as a 'Trusted Checkout' service and a 'Watch Scanner' feature to identify watches and learn more about them quickly. 

The platform encompasses a global network, ensuring various styles and prices suit every enthusiast looking to buy a watch online.

With its user-friendly interface, secure payment system, and international reach, Chrono24 simplifies purchasing or selling luxury watches online, making it a preferred destination for watch enthusiasts.


  • The huge, active market of watch enthusiasts worldwide increases the likelihood of finding a buyer.

  • They offer a secure payment process to protect both buyers and sellers.

  • The platform provides tools like a price trend calculator to help determine the value of your watch.


  • Fees are based on the sale price, and additional features for listings might cost extra.

  • Due to the vast number of listings, competition is high, possibly extending the time it takes to sell your watch.

Bob’s Watches

Bob's watches logo

Bob's Watches is a renowned online marketplace specializing in the buying and selling of pre-owned luxury watches, with a particular emphasis on Rolex timepieces. 

The platform breaks the mold by offering a transparent, unique "Buy, Sell, Trade" model where both the asking price and the selling price are openly displayed, ensuring fair deals for everyone involved.

Each watch sold through Bob's Watches undergoes a rigorous authentication and inspection process handled by certified watchmakers, guaranteeing that every item listed is genuine and accurately represented.

The company has earned a reputation for its upfront approach to sales, with no hidden fees, and its commitment to customer service, providing a safe, secure, and user-friendly experience for watch buyers and sellers.

Bob's Watches has established itself not only as a leader in the pre-owned luxury watch market but also as a trusted source for honest transactions and quality, authentic products.


  • The straightforward process with transparency in pricing.

  • Immediate payment once the price is agreed upon and the watch is received.

  • They have a strong reputation in the market, particularly for Rolex sales.


  • The range of brands accepted is narrower compared to other platforms.

  • The selling price might be slightly lower than the market rate as it reflects the company's reselling markup.


watchfinder logo

WatchFinder is a renowned pre-owned luxury watch retailer offering an extensive selection of high-quality timepieces from the world's most prestigious brands. 

In addition to sales, WatchFinder provides a platform for individuals to sell or trade in their luxury watch online, offering competitive quotes based on market value. 

Their experienced team of horologists and watch experts handle each query with personalized attention, emphasizing customer satisfaction. 

By harmonizing the ease of online shopping with the reliability of a traditional watch store, WatchFinder stands as a premier choice for buying and selling luxury timepieces.


  • They have physical stores in addition to their online platform, allowing for in-person evaluations and drop-offs.

  • Offers the option of exchange or direct purchase, providing flexibility for sellers.

  • Professional servicing of watches ensures they're in top condition, which can enhance value.


  • Consignment means waiting for your watch to be sold before you receive payment.

  • They take a percentage of the sales price as a commission.

Crown and Caliber

crown and caliber logo

Crown & Caliber is an esteemed online marketplace that specializes in the resale of luxury watches. As a concierge service for watch buyers and sellers, Crown & Caliber sets itself apart with a commitment to transparency, authenticity, and a hassle-free experience. 

Sellers benefit from a streamlined process, where expert horologists authenticate and appraise each timepiece, ensuring that buyers receive only verified, high-quality products. The platform stands out for its rigorous multi-point inspection process, competitive pricing strategies, and diverse inventory that appeals to enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

Additionally, Crown & Caliber offers a consignment service, providing sellers with the option to maximize their return over time. With a reputation for trustworthiness and customer satisfaction, Crown & Caliber has established itself as a leader in the pre-owned luxury watch market.


  • They provide free quotes and prepaid, insured shipping for those looking to sell.

  • Offers direct purchase, consignment, or trade-in options.

  • The company invests in servicing the watch, which could yield a higher selling price.


  • Consignment and direct sale options may lead to different timelines and price points.

  • Their fee (through consignment) or offer price (through direct purchase) will affect your net proceeds from the sale.

Govberg Jewelers

Govberg Logo

Govberg Jewelers is a revered name in luxury timepieces, offering impeccable service and a vast selection. 

Established in 1916, Govberg doesn't just sell watches; they understand the intricacies of what they offer, providing customers with a rich, informed experience. 

Beyond retail, they buy and trade timepieces, offering competitive prices for pre-owned luxury watches, making them a comprehensive destination for watch enthusiasts.


  • Offers the flexibility of trade-ins, ideal for collectors looking to upgrade their collections.

  • Immediate direct purchase option available, speeding up the selling process.

  • Established reputation and expertise in the industry, providing a trustworthy selling environment.


  • They have a selective list of brands they're willing to buy or trade, potentially limiting options for sellers.

  • Sellers might receive less in immediate sale scenarios than through consignment or private sale due to the convenience and speed of the transaction.


Watchbox logo

WatchBox is an esteemed platform in luxury watch trading, offering an exceptional selection of high-quality pre-owned timepieces. 

As a global leader, WatchBox combines its vast inventory with unparalleled expertise and real-time market insights, catering to watch enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Watch buyers and sellers alike benefit from the platform's comprehensive services, which include professional appraisals, authenticity guarantees, and a seamless, secure transaction process. 

WatchBox has a dedicated team of seasoned watch experts who provide personalized client consultations, ensuring a trustworthy and informed experience. 

Their commitment to transparency, market fairness, and a passion for horology positions WatchBox as a distinguished destination for those seeking to buy, sell, or trade luxury watches with confidence and peace of mind.


  • They offer competitive prices based on comprehensive market research.

  • The platform provides personalized consultations, enhancing user experience and trust.

  • It's known for its authentic, high-quality collection, attracting genuine buyers.


  • The process can be somewhat selective, limiting options for less popular or lower-value brands.

  • You may need to ship your watch for appraisal, which can be inconvenient for some sellers.


Watchpayer logo

WatchPayer is a specialized online platform that offers a secure, straightforward, and fast process for individuals looking to sell their luxury watches. 

They stand out for their commitment to providing immediate upfront payments once an offer is accepted. 

The platform is designed to eliminate the common hassles associated with private sales by offering a streamlined system that includes free insured shipping for sellers' watches and a quick appraisal process.


  • They offer fast, upfront payments once the provided quote is accepted.

  • Insured, prepaid shipping is typically provided.

  • The process is secure, focusing on maintaining the seller's privacy.


  • The offer is based on online information before physical evaluation, potentially leading to adjustments after inspection.

  • Limited interaction with potential buyers — not ideal for those who prefer a more traditional sales approach.


Watchuseek Logo

Watchuseek is one of the most visited watch forums on the internet, often considered a treasure trove of information and resources for watch enthusiasts worldwide. 

More than just a platform for buying and selling watches, Watchuseek provides a vibrant community space where users can discuss various topics related to horology, share reviews, and offer recommendations on a wide range of watch brands and models. 

Its marketplace is unique, characterized by a direct, community-driven approach to buying and selling, where users list watches and conduct transactions, often without the typical fees associated with mainstream retail platforms.

Through its active forums, members can seek advice, verify authenticity, and obtain feedback from other knowledgeable enthusiasts, making informed decisions. 

Watchuseek, with its blend of commerce and community, stands out as an invaluable tool for anyone passionate about the world of watches.


  • Access to a passionate community of watch enthusiasts.

  • No commission fees for private sellers.

  • Sellers have control over the listing and direct communication with potential buyers.


  • The risk of scams, as transactions, are mainly between private parties.

  • No dedicated support during the sales process less guidance for newcomers.


StockX Logo

StockX is an online marketplace renowned for its unique approach to the resale market, offering an experience akin to a stock market for consumer goods. 

While initially establishing its reputation in the sneaker community, StockX has expanded its inventory to include luxury watches, designer apparel, handbags, and more. 

The platform is distinguished by its live 'bid/ask' marketplace, where buyers place bids, sellers place asks, and transactions are made when both parties agree on a price. 

This transparent and analytical approach allows users to see real-time market value trends.


  • A transparent marketplace where items have traceable price histories.

  • All watches are authenticated by experts, ensuring buyer confidence.

  • Anonymity can be a pro for sellers not wanting to engage directly with buyers.


  • Fees can be relatively high, including transaction and payment processing fees.

  • No direct communication with the buyer, as StockX acts as a middleman.

Verify your branded watch

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Tourneau logo

Tourneau is a renowned retailer of luxury watches with a rich history dating back to 1900. 

Known for its wide selection, the company sells a variety of high-end new and certified pre-owned watches from leading brands.

Beyond sales, Tourneau offers after-sales services, including watch repair, maintenance, and trade-ins, handled by experienced professionals, affirming their dedication to customer satisfaction and the longevity of your timepiece. 

They operate through their online store and multiple physical locations across the United States, presenting a luxurious shopping experience characterized by expert assistance and a diverse inventory. 

Tourneau underscores its authority in the watch industry by providing not just a retail space but also an educational resource for watch enthusiasts, elevating consumer knowledge about the intricacies of luxury timepieces. 

Their commitment to authenticity, quality service, and expert guidance make Tourneau a trusted destination in luxury watches.


  • Established trust due to brand reputation.

  • Multiple selling options (direct sale, trade-in, consignment) give flexibility.

  • They have physical locations for in-person evaluations.


  • Potential for lower offers, as they aim to resell in their retail locations.

  • The consignment process can be lengthy if your watch doesn't sell quickly.


Ebay logo

eBay is a global online marketplace that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. 

Known for its auction-style sales, eBay accommodates various categories, from electronics and fashion to collectibles and vehicles, making it one of the most diverse e-commerce platforms available. 

Beyond bidding, it also allows 'Buy It Now' options, providing flexibility for instant purchases. 

Sellers worldwide can list their products with ease, setting up their virtual storefronts, while buyers enjoy a wide selection of items, often finding unique or hard-to-find products.


  • Access to a massive, global market of potential buyers.

  • Sellers control the listing, pricing, and shipping.

  • eBay provides seller protection.


  • Fees, including listing and selling fees, can impact profit.

  • The risk of non-payment or return issues due to buyer fraud.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace logo

Facebook Marketplace is an open exchange where users can buy and sell new or used items locally or ship them across the United States. 

The service integrates with the wider Facebook network, allowing users to conduct transactions in a community-based environment. 

Items for sale range from electronics, clothes, and household items to vehicles and real estate, showcasing various categories.


  • No fees for listing or selling items.

  • Ability to sell locally and meet the buyer in person.

  • Direct communication through Facebook Messenger.


  • Risk of scams or safety concerns when meeting buyers.

  • Limited buyer protection could discourage potential buyers.

Other Watch Forums

Here are some other places where you can buy or sell a used watch.

Watch Enthusiast Groups

Groups on platforms like Facebook or dedicated watch websites gather enthusiasts who share knowledge, and sometimes, members sell watches directly to each other.


  • Passionate community with an interest in a variety of watch brands and styles.

  • No fees for selling.

  • Direct communication with potential buyers.


  • Scam risks with little to no buyer/seller protection.

  • Typically, no authentication or appraisal services.

Watch Subreddits

Subreddits like r/Watchexchange offer community spaces for Reddit users to sell watches.


  • Free to list and sell.

  • Reddit's voting system can help reliable sellers stand out.

  • Direct buyer interaction.


  • Lack of authentication could lead to potential scams.

  • Moderation varies, sometimes leading to inconsistent selling experiences.

How to Sell Your Watch Successfully?

Successfully selling your luxury watch involves several crucial steps. Understanding your watch's value is paramount; consider getting an appraisal or using online resources for a price range. 

Take high-quality, clear photos from multiple angles, and be transparent about the watch's condition in your listing. Research selling platforms to understand their fees, reach, and selling processes. 

Consider platforms that offer luxury watch authentication, enhancing buyer confidence. 

Always communicate promptly and professionally with potential buyers and consider secure, insured shipping methods for your protection and the buyer's. 

Selling a luxury watch can be a rewarding experience when done with diligence, patience, and an understanding of the marketplace's nuances.

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