How To Spot Real Vs. Fake Pharrell Williams Human Race NMD

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Spotting genuine Pharrell Williams Human Race NMD shoes from fakes is vital for collectors and fans. Authenticity ensures quality and maintains the value of your collection.

This guide will walk you through identifying real NMDs from counterfeit ones, from basic checks to advanced methods, empowering you to make confident purchases.

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Initial Checks

Before diving into detailed authentication, conducting initial checks on common areas for authenticity is essential. These include examining the shoe box, design details, and overall quality.

Shoe Box Inspection

Start by closely examining the shoe box for authenticity markers. Look for deep blue letters spelling "boost" on the box. Authentic NMD boxes have oversized "boost" letters in a shiny, slightly darker blue. Fake boxes may be misplaced or use the wrong color for "boost."

Next, check the shoe photo on the box. Authentic NMD shoes appear wedge-shaped with a flat toe. Counterfeits may exaggerate the sole curve.

Lastly, observe the model number spacing on the box label. Authentic boxes have even spacing between the model number and the black line below it. Fake boxes may print the number near the black line, hinting at counterfeiting.

Shoe Design and Details

Next, scrutinize specific design elements such as the Pharrell Williams logo, stitching, and text placement. Authentic Human Race NMDs boast precise stitching and carefully placed logos, while fakes may exhibit sloppy craftsmanship and design inaccuracies.

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In-Depth Authentication Steps

Once you've completed initial checks, delve deeper into authentication with more detailed steps.

Check For a Unique Security Number

Authentic Human Race NMDs often feature a unique security number for verification. Check the underside of the tongue label for a 13-digit code in the bottom-right corner. Each shoe should have a different number; if they match, the NMDs are likely fake.

Text and Typeface Verification

Pay close attention to text accuracy on the shoes, including font style and alignment. Genuine Human Race NMDs feature consistent text throughout the shoe, while counterfeit versions may display font size, style, or placement inconsistencies.

Heel Logo

When authenticating Pharrell Williams Human Race NMDs, pay close attention to the heel overlay with the Adidas logo. Look for a rubber heel overlay featuring the trefoil Adidas logo and Adidas lettering. Genuine NMDs will have a small trademark symbol positioned above the letter "s" and slightly to the right on both shoes.

Material and Quality Checks

Assess the quality of materials used in the shoes, including the knit upper and sole construction. Authentic Human Race NMDs use high-quality materials that feel durable and well-crafted, while fakes may use inferior materials that feel cheap or flimsy.

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Advanced Authentication Techniques

For more advanced authentication, consider these techniques to verify the legitimacy of Human Race NMDs.

Boost Sole Inspection

When verifying Pharrell Williams Human Race NMDs, examining the footbed is essential. The footbed, found between the insole and the sole, ensures comfort when wearing the sneakers.

Inspect the footbed's print, focusing on the "PHARRELL WILLIAMS" text. Authentic shoes may have slightly unclear but readable text. However, fake shoes often have illegible and lower-quality text compared to genuine ones.

Also, watch for color variations in the Adidas Originals logo on the footbed. Counterfeit sneakers may exhibit darker colors compared to authentic pairs.

Color and Pattern Analysis

Verify the accuracy of the shoe's color schemes and patterns. Genuine Human Race NMDs feature vibrant colors and intricate patterns that are consistent across the shoe, whereas fakes may exhibit dull colors or distorted patterns.

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The Bottom Line

In summary, distinguishing between real and fake Pharrell Williams Human Race NMDs demands careful scrutiny and thorough authentication.

By following the steps laid out in this guide, getting in touch with authenticators at LegitGrails and buying from trusted sources, you can confidently invest in authentic products of superior quality and craftsmanship.



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