How to spot fake Nike Dunk Low Off White Pine Green | Off White Fake vs Real

Nike and Off White have plenty of impressive collaborations which can go for more than triple their retail price on the reseller market, so you should always be wary of counterfeits when looking for a pair of Off White shoes. We have made this Off White Dunk legit check guide which should help you verify your pair or a pair you are planning to buy.

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The Off White Dunk Shape Method

The Nike Dunk Off White Pine Green model has a lot of details that must be verified. Let’s start with the overall shape of the shoe. Original Off White dunks have a decent raise from the toe box to the tongue, so the shoes feel comfortable on your fit. Make sure to check that the eyestays (the area where the laces are) are not too flat.

The look may also depend on how tight the laces are, but out of the box dunks generally have them relatively loose so it’s not deforming the original shape of the Off White Dunks. You can clearly see the difference in our Off White Dunk real vs fake comparison below - notice how the replica pair is considerably lower in the laced area.

Now, pay attention to the toe box of your Nike Dunk. You should be able to see that it has quite a steep angle and is almost vertical when you are looking at an authentic pair. On the other hand, the fake Off White Dunk pair has way more curved toe box, which is another giveaway sign. The same thing applies to the shape of the front side of the midsole - it should be almost vertical as well.

Nike Dunk Low Off-White Legit check | Off White Real vs Fake

Check the heel tab as well, specifically the area where it meets the end of the Nike swoosh. You should notice that the heel tab does not cover the entire end of the swoosh - there is still a part of it showing underneath. In our Off White Dunks real vs fake comparison photos, you can see that this is not the case for fakes.

There are a few more little details you need to look out for. The stitching on the midsole is one of them. Authentic Off White Dunk have barely noticeable stitching, unlike the counterfeit Nike Dunk that have a bold, well-visible stitch line.

Lastly, there is a small detail - a pressed line on the midsole, which divides the heel from the rest of the shoe. It should be there, and you should be able to see it fairly well if you are looking at authentic Nike dunks. Fakes might have this detail poorly pressed, so it is more difficult to see it as we have in our photos. For a better understanding, refer to the Off White Dunk fake vs real comparison above.

The Off White Dunk Insole Method

The insole is an important part of the shoe that is often overlooked in replicas. This is why you should check those during the process of Off White Dunk legit check.

First of all, check the quality of the material and the colour of the insoles. These should have light-gray colour, similar to the one in our Off White Dunk real vs fake comparison below. The material shouldn’t be grainy, as this is a clear sign of a fake pair, same as our fake example below.

Next, pay attention to the overall shape of the insole. An authentic insole should have a slight curve on the interior edge of it. It shouldn’t be straight and flat like the replica you can see in our real vs fake example comparison.

Off-White Dunk Insole Real vs Fake | Off White Legit Check


One more thing you should check is the Nike logo, especially the ® in its top right corner. It has to be pressed and be clearly visible just like the rest of the logo. In our real vs fake Off White Dunk insole comparison, you can see how the fake insole has the ® sticking out, rather than pressed in, and it is far less visible compared to the rest of the logo.

The Off White Dunk Zip Tie Legit Check Method

Off White zip tie is yet another detail you can check when authenticating your dunks and is the last thing we will be covering in this guide.

Firstly, check the size and colour of the text. The letters should be easily readable and have sharp black colour - not dark grey like the fake zip tie.

You should also make sure that you can see the two pressed dots near the zip tie hole. These are the areas from which the plastic is poured into the mould when the zip ties are being made.

Off White Dunk Zip Tie Real vs Fake | Off White Legit Check

Now, utilizing all of these methods should give you a pretty good understanding of whether your Nike Dunk Low Off-White Pine Green pair is real or fake. Yet, we suggest you use our Off White legit check services.

This will guarantee a fast and reliable check performed by our professional team using these and many other techniques to verify the authenticity of your grails. We suggest you see what our customers say about our service in the reviews section!

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