How To Spot Fake Nike Dunk Low Off White Pine Green

How To Spot Fake Nike Dunk Low Off White Pine Green

One of the most effective ways to authenticate Off-White Dunk Pine Green is to verify the inner medial details. You would need to look for inconsistencies in the text printing, and the stitching pattern to spot a replica pair. Nevertheless, it is worth carrying out the full Off White legit check process to be 100% sure in the outcome. Hence we recommend following the steps below.

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Nike Dunk Off White Legit Check: The Outer Details

Almost every authentication process starts from taking an overall look at the item in question. This allows us to make the initial judgment and check the pair’s quality. You must check if the colours are correct for the model, yet remember to account for light differences.

An important feature of this area is the Nike Swoosh, which is often gotten wrong by the replica producers. The shape is rarely identical in all the retail pairs, yet major inconsistencies would point out fake Off White Dunks.

Make sure to check the orange tab as well. This is another detail that varies across the retail pairs, however, a general rule is that the tab must never look too large, or too squared. Most of the authentic pais have those looking wide, yet short.

Nike Dunk Off White Legit Check

How To Spot Real Off White Dunks: The Toe Box

One of the signature design features of this pair is the double-lacing, which involves the extra lace holes placed on the sides of the pair’s throat. The eyelets must have the same colour as the main leather in the pair, for those to be almost camouflaged. The replicas often get the shade and the size of the eyelets wrong.

The LegitGrails Team puts emphasis on the verification of the shape of any pair, especially when it comes to Nike x Off White collaborations. The counterfeit manufacturers often disregard the shape aspect, and choose to focus on the outer details.

Therefore, be prepared to verify your pair’s shape, in particular the toe box. As seen in the real vs fake Off White Dunk comparison below, the authentic pair has more of a smooth shape, while the replica has a bulky toe box.

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How To Spot Real Off White Dunks

Fake vs Real Nike Dunk Off White Pine Green: The Medial Print

In the inner side of the pair, we locate another detail, which is familiar to any Off White Nike collaborations’ fan. The medial printing is a good detail to see during the authentication, as the inconsistent fonts often give away a pair of fake Dunks. 

Not only the fonts but also the quality of the print can help you spot a counterfeit. Make sure that the printing is not too thick or dark, and that its placement is correct, according to the authentic reference below.

Fake vs Real Nike Dunk Off White Pine Green

How To Legit Check Off White Dunk Pine Green: The Logo Tongue Label

The tongue label in this item must be attached in a way that allows the Nike logo to be centered. It is often noticed that the fake tongue labels are too loose and wobbly, making the placement of the logo seem off. 

Another aspect to be verified in any details, which contains any type of text are the fonts. Even though the better replicas have managed to copy the fonts almost perfectly, some smaller details and the colours used are still not on the retail level.

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Fake vs Real Nike Dunk Off White Pine Green

Off White Nike Dunk Fake vs Real: The Inner Tongue Label

The inner side of the tongue labels features the signature Nike text, and concurrently one of the most common flaws spotten in the replica Off White Dunks. The copies seem to alway get one of the aspects of the label wrong - the fonts, their size, or the text itself. So keep your eyes peeled to be able to spot one of those inconsistencies.

Another point to consider is the double stitching found in the bottom of the label. It never looks the same across all the retail pairs, however, it must be consistent with the size of your pair. If the size is relatively large, there must never be too much extra fabric hanging around the sews.

Off White Nike Dunk Fake vs Real

Off White Dunk Green Legit Check Guide: The Heel 

Looking at the heel area of your pair, verify the quality of the tab printing. If the Nike logo print appears to be too thick, smudged or blurry, it is likely you are looking at a fake pair. Another thing - make sure the size of this logo is consistent with the size of the tab. As you may see in the real vs fake Nike Dunk Off White comparison below, the replica print is too large.

As for the stitching found in the middle part of the heel, do not expect every authentic pair to have the same triangular pattern. Similarly, do not exhale in relief when you see one, as some of the replicas have that too. What you should look for is the correct stitching pattern, featuring tight sews and thick thread. A stitching that is too loose and flat is a no-no!

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Off White Dunk Green Legit Check Guide

How To Legit Check Off White Dunks: The Footbed

The footbed is one of the most mysterious details in every pair of Nike shoes, as the threads, the tape, the printings can vary dramatically depending on various factors. However, this pair is known for mostly using white threads and medium-sized taping. 

The sews going around the footbed do not need to be too large, yet their frequency is important. Also remember that there must be a blue-coloured print detail found in this area. It may or may not be placed on the tape, yet make sure it is not as large as the one in the fake example below.

How To Legit Check Off White Dunks

Off White Dunk Pine Green Verification Service: The Insole

The insole is one of the most crucial details to be verified, as not many replica producers were able to perfect it. The colours and materials must check out, so make sure it has a light-gray colour, and the material used is not too stiff. 

Pay extra attention to the shapes of the details, and the fonts used in the Nike logo. The replicas often fail when copying the ® sign.

Off White Dunk Pine Green Verification Service

Real vs Fake Dunk Off White Pine Green: The Zip Tie

The zip tie is one of those details that is given less attention than the rest of the shoe, hence it is one of the most effective aspects to verify. Firstly, the fake Off White zip tie printing is often too dark. Its quality can also be verified by closely inspecting the dotted fonts, which are rarely smudged in the retail Off White Dunks. 

Remember that most of the authentic zip ties use a lighter font for their trademark (™) text than for the rest of the text.

You should also check the overall shape of the zip tie, and see if the translation from the wider to the narrower part is curved enough.

Real vs Fake Dunk Off White Pine Green

Off White Pine Green Dunks Fake vs Real: The Box Label

To wrap up the authentication process, make sure you carefully inspect the box label text, as this is where many replicas fail. The fake box labels often have their fonts looking inconsistent, meaning that some of the areas have very thick fonts, while others appear too thin.

One of the areas worth checking is the UPC on the left side of the label, as this text if often too thick in the Off White Dunk replica pair.

Off White Pine Green Dunks Fake vs Real

How can you tell if Off White Dunks are fake?

The fastest method to tell if Off White Dunks are fake is to inspect the backside of the insole. 

Do Off White Dunks fit true to size?

The Nike Dunks fit true to the size. We would suggest getting a size you usually wear.

In Conclusion...

If you still have doubts about authenticity of your pair, feel free to reach out to our team of experts. Receive a unique authenticity certificate and clear reasons to why your pair is authentic or not!

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