How to Spot Real vs. Fake Hermes Blanket

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Wondering how to tell if a Hermes blanket is real?

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a potential buyer, distinguishing between an authentic Hermes blanket and a counterfeit can be a challenging yet essential task.

Let's unravel the key elements to look for when determining the authenticity of these luxurious blankets.

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Overall Look and Design

Authentic Hermes blankets have a unique look, showcasing the brand's dedication to quality. They feature precise stitching and flawless finishes with great attention to detail.

Counterfeits often struggle to replicate these patterns and might show inconsistencies in design.

When checking a blanket, examine its appearance for any signs of irregularities that could suggest it's fake.

Compare to Authentic Blankets on the Official Site

To make sure a Hermes blanket is real, compare it with the ones on the official website. Hermes displays a detailed catalog of their products, including blankets.

Look closely at the design, colors, and patterns on authentic blankets. If you notice any differences between the one you have and those on the official site, it could be a sign that it's fake.

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Original Packaging

The packaging is important to check for a real Hermes blanket. Genuine ones have fancy packaging, like the iconic orange box, showing the brand's commitment to luxury.

The packaging is carefully done with lots of details. Fake blankets might not have the same finesse and attention to detail.

If you're getting a Hermes blanket, look at the packaging closely to make sure it matches the official style.

Blanket Color

Hermes blankets come in a variety of colors, each carefully chosen to complement the brand's aesthetic.

To ensure the authenticity of a Hermes blanket, check out the official colors available for these blankets on the Hermes website.

Counterfeit blankets may struggle to replicate the exact shades and color combinations characteristic of genuine Hermes products.

If you notice any discrepancies in color, it's a potential indicator that the blanket might not be authentic.

Stitching Quality

Hermes blanket stitching

Stitching quality serves as a hallmark of Hermes craftsmanship. Genuine Hermes blankets exhibit meticulous stitching, characterized by precision and uniformity.

The stitches align seamlessly, reflecting the brand's commitment to perfection. Counterfeit blankets often falter in replicating this level of detail.

Irregular stitching, loose threads, or uneven patterns can be telltale signs of a fake Hermes blanket.

Material Quality

Hermes fabric composition tag

Hermes blankets are known for luxury, and this includes the quality of materials.

Real Hermes blankets use high-end materials for durability and a luxurious feel. Fake ones might use lower-quality materials, making the texture and quality different.

Feel the fabric with your fingers and notice the touch. Genuine Hermes blankets have a unique feel that fake ones often can't copy.

Hermes Tag

Hermes logo tag

The Hermes tag is important for checking if the blanket is real. Real Hermes blankets have a well-made tag with clear and readable branding.

The fonts on the tag match the official Hermes logo, and the tag is firmly attached to the blanket. Fake blankets might have tags with issues like fuzzy printing, different fonts, or weak attachments.


Sketchy Sellers

The experience with the seller can be a revealing factor in the authenticity of a Hermes blanket. Legit blankets are sold by authorized dealers, Hermes itself, or reputable luxury retailers.

If your interaction with the seller raises suspicions – they're evasive about the blanket's origin or offer a deal too good to be true – it's a red flag.

Authentic Hermes blankets come with a price reflective of their quality and craftsmanship. Trust your instincts; if something feels off, it's worth reevaluating your purchase.

How to Avoid Buying a Fake Hermes Blanket

To avoid fake Hermes blankets, stay aware and be diligent. Start with research. Check their unique features, colors, and patterns in the official Hermes catalog.

Buy from authorized dealers, the official website, or well-known luxury stores. Be cautious if a deal seems too good to be true, especially in online marketplaces.

Always verify the authenticity through official channels. If you prefer, you can contact designer authentication specialists at Legit Grails for help.

What To Do If You Bought a Fake?

If you find out you bought a fake Hermes blanket, act quickly. Contact the seller, express your concerns, and ask for a refund. If you bought it online, use buyer protection services like PayPal or credit card chargebacks.

Document the differences and gather evidence to support your case. Report the incident to the authorities if needed, contributing to the fight against counterfeit luxury goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions online.

Can You Wash a Hermes Blanket?

Yes, you can wash a Hermes blanket, but it requires careful consideration.

Hermes provides specific care instructions for their blankets, and deviating from these guidelines may compromise the quality of the blanket.

It's advisable to follow the brand's recommendations to maintain the integrity of the material.

How Do You Display a Hermes Blanket?

Displaying a Hermes blanket is a personal choice. Some prefer folding and draping it over furniture, while others frame it as a piece of art.

The key is to showcase the blanket in a way that complements your space and allows you to appreciate its design.

What Size Are the Hermes Avalon Blankets?

Hermes Avalon blankets come in various sizes, including small, medium, and large. The dimensions may vary, so it's essential to check the specific measurements of the blanket you're interested in.


In the world of luxury blankets, Hermes is known for its craftsmanship and exclusivity. Spotting a real vs. fake Hermes blanket involves examining details like stitching, material quality, and the Hermes tag.

When dealing with sellers, use discernment, and the guide on avoiding fake purchases provides valuable insights.

If you end up with a fake Hermes blanket, follow the outlined steps to address the situation. Stay informed and pay attention to details to enjoy the authenticity of your luxury acquisition.

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