How to Spot a Fake Hermes Bag in 2024?

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Hermes has been a synonym for luxury and prestige for years. The first workshop was opened in 1837 at Grands Boulevards quarter in Paris, crafting leather equestrian accessories.

Hermes relies on skilled leather artisans to craft their goods. Each artisan needs to pass two years of practice and training before they produce their first bag, which tells enough about their attention to detail.

Hermes bags symbolize luxury and prestige, being worn by many celebrities and fashion influencers. The high demand, quality, and sleek design are responsible for the high value, which has increased over the years.

The iconic bag styles such as Birkin, Kelly, Constance, Evelyne, and others are often counterfeited. While you can find genuine bags online, you must be careful.

How do you spot a fake Hermes bag and ensure you buy the real thing? Our detailed authentication guide reveals the valuable methods to determine fake Hermes vs real.

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The Overall Look

How to tell if a Hermes bag is real by analyzing the overall look? When you have the original bag in your hands, it should feel heavy and sturdy. Also, you can feel the pleasant, earthy, leathery scent, even if the bag is pre-loved or vintage.

The bag is made of genuine leather, so it should feel soft. Depending on the type of lathe used, you can notice irregular leather grain lanterns.

Hermes used to produce equestrian accessories in the beginning. They use a specific method called saddle stitching, which remains in their practices today. As a result, the stitches won't look perfect.

The hardware is plated with gold or palladium to have a nice shine. In brand-new bags, the hardware will be protected with plastic wrap.

The Hardware

Original Hermes bags come with quality metal hardware finished with precious metal. Gold and palladium are the most common finishes, while you can encounter rose gold, brushed gold, and ruthenium on limited edition bags.

If you're purchasing a brand-new bag, plastic wrap should protect the hardware. Also, remember that the hardware should be nicely secured on the bag.

In poorly done fakes, you might notice inconsistency in the hardware color. For example the lock can be golden, while the rest of the hardware has a silver color.

Another point of interest in this method is the hardware branding. The metal plaques are engraved with the brand logo. When comparing fake hermes vs real, you can notice differences in the spacing and font.

Counterfeiters use poor engraving techniques, so their logo will lack precision. Also, they can achieve the same font as the original Hermes bag.

Hermes produces their zippers, so the branding can be used to authenticate your bag. The pull has the logo engraved, and the zipper features a metal "H" letter as a stopper.

Despite the branding, the zipper quality can also reveal a fake Hermes bag. Genuine bags come with a high-quality zipper that glides easily. On the other hand, counterfeit products can have a rough zipper that gets stuck and doesn't close smoothly.

The Lock

Real vs. Fake Hermez bag lock example

How to spot a fake Hermes bag by inspecting the lock? This authentication method reveals a few inconsistencies in fake Hermes vs real.

First, we inspect the branded clasp that resembles the "H" letter. While the counterfeiters did an excellent job of copying the shape, the texture doesn't match the original.

The fake lock has a herringbone texture, which doesn't match the original bag. The authentic Hermes bag has a smooth metal lock.

Another significant difference we can spot is the stitching. In the authentic bag, the stitching is neatly done. In comparison, the hem is uneven and has gaps. Also, you can notice how it is too close to the seams.

real vs. fake hermes logo example

If you don't know how to tell if a Hermes bag is real, check the logo. Carefully inspecting the logo and comparing it to see if it matches the original letters is one of the authentication methods we rely on to identify original bags.

Firstly, we can notice how the letters in the original bag are thicker. Also, the engraving quality is much better.

On the other hand, the fake bag has very thin letters. Also, they are not precisely stamped into the material, resulting in a sloppy look that doesn't give off a high-end feel.

You can notice how the silver paint goes beyond the edge, resulting in a smudged appearance. This flaw isn't present in the authentic bag.

Further, we analyze the clasp. We notice that the original one has an engraved pattern, which is not present in the fake bag.

Stitching and Seam Quality

real vs fake Hermes stitching comparison

Hermes is a big brand known for their sophisticated handcrafting techniques that guarantee quality. Their values are present in every aspect of the product, so we will inspect the stitching and seams to spot a fake Hermes bag.

Original Hermes bags are handmade with utmost attention to detail. Therefore, you can notice how the seams aren't perfect. Hermes uses traditional techniques, and their products are handmade in France.

You can inspect the seams on the bottom of your bag. The slight imperfections aren't a red flag; they indicate the handmade quality known for Hermes.

The impeccable design by Hermes is executed by skilled artisans who put their effort into creating a timeless piece. The stitches are slightly angled and are finished under the flap.

On the other hand, this can't be spotted on the fake Hermes bag. Counterfeit pieces are produced using a machine, which results in small and straight seams.

The leather edge finish is another sign that helps distinguish a fake Hermes vs a real one. We can notice the poor quality and extra pieces on the fake bag.

Leather Texture and Smell

comparing real vs. fake Hermes leather

How to spot a fake Hermes bag by analyzing the material? Hermes is known for using genuine, high-quality leather, a long-lasting material that looks posh.

On the other hand, fake Hermes bags are made of manufactured leather. There are a few ways to tell if your bag is made of genuine leather.

Natural leather has variations in pattern and texture, having an uneven look. The genuine leather grain can be felt to the touch.

Also, the vending will vary between different Hermes bags. Each piece will have a unique texture, which isn't a red flag. Original Hermes bags of the highest quality leather have a distinctive texture, which is a good sign.

Some bags can have veins and creases, while others of the same brand and styles won't. This common characteristic of leather gives Hermes bags their beauty.

On the other hand, fake leather has a consistent pattern without variation. This happens because the material is produced to resemble the leather texture.

Another important step for distinguishing between a fake and a real Hermes bag is smelling it. Genuine leather has an earthy or oaky smell. On the other hand, fake leather smells like plastic. Don't forget that even pre-owned Hermes bags will keep the leathery scent.

Symmetry and Design Features

Analyzing the Hermes bag's silhouette helps us distinguish between a fake and a real piece. The counterfeit bags lack elegant curvature, resulting in an angular look that differs from the original.

Hermes bags come in different sizes, depending on the style. For example, Birkin is available in 25, 30, 35, and 40. A Birkin 25 would measure 25 centimeters. Hermes stays true to their sizes, so any inconsistencies indicate a fake product.

Serial Numbers and Authenticity Cards

Hermes bags don't have serial numbers. But they use date stamps, which are also referred to as blind stamps or artisan stamps.

The date stamp is embossed on the bag interior, under the tab, or on the strap. The position of the symbol depends on the bag model.

The date stamp is a single letter that symbolizes the year it was produced. In some models, the letter will be surrounded by a circle or a square.

For example, a B stamp without a shape indicates the Hermes bag was made in 1946. At the same time, a B symbol in a square indicates that the bag was created in 1998.

Refer to the official charts to determine the year your bag was made. It is important to note that Hermes doesn't have authentication cards.

Also, keep in mind that counterfeiters can copy the date stamps. Therefore, use this method with other authentication methods to determine if your bag is authentic.

Price and Source

Hermes bags maintain a strong price that is noting growth through the years. A Birkin bag can cost between $9,000 to $400,000, while Evelyn's bags range from $ 1,800 to $6,000.

Even if you're buying a vintage pre-owned bag, it will still hold a high price. Therefore, an unusually low price indicates a fake product. Counterfeiters use low prices to lure buyers, so any deal that is too good to be true is a replica.

Buying from the official Hermes site is the safest option, but you can also find reputable retailers that sell genuine products. Be careful when shopping at marketplaces from individual sellers, and authenticate your bag before buying online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Hermes bags have serial numbers?

Hermes bags don't have serial numbers. Instead, they come with a date stamp and a letter symbol indicating the production year.

The date stamp differs from a serial number. Every bag would have a different serial number, while all Hermes bags produced in one year will have the same date stamp.

Next to the date stamp, you can find another symbol that indicates which artisan was responsible for making the product.

Can a fake Hermes bag have a serial number?

Hermes bags come with a date stamp that indicates the date of production. However, counterfeit products can have a replica of the symbol and deceive you. You need to rely on other authentication methods to authenticate a Hermes bag.

Do Hermès bags have real gold?

Hermes bags come with high-quality brass hardware plated with precious metals. In most cases, it would be gold or palladium.

Most Hermes bags have 18-carat gold plating that gives the bags a glamorous look. Some limited edition bags come with 24-carat gold plating.


Original Hermes bags have angular stitching, plated hardware, and a pleasant leathery smell. If you notice that the brand's logos are off-center or have different fonts, the product is likely fake.

Also, flimsy hardware, straight sitting, and glue are indicators of a counterfeit Hermes bag.

Our authentication guide provided helpful directions for identifying a fake Hermes bag.

If you still have problems authenticating a designer bag, the experts are much to help. Submit a few photos, and we will happily authenticate your Hermes for you and save you from scams.


Find out the truth about your Hermes


3 easy steps to authenticate an item

Upload photos of the item

Place your order

We verify the item

You get the outcome

3 easy steps to authenticate an item

Planning on getting an item? Having doubts on an item you already have?

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