How To Spot Fake Hermes Belt

How To Spot Fake Hermes Belt

To authenticate a Hermes belt, start by examining the overall look method, which has proven to be one of the most effective steps in the authentication process. Then check the logo and its shininess followed by the stitching method. Do not forget to check the leather and stamping. Finally, finish off by checking the dust-off and box.

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Hermes Belt Authentication: The Overall Look Method

We should start by observing the overall look.

 The fake "H" should be shaped with premium-quality finishing, a hefty sensation in your hands, and no scratches. There will never be any bubbles, chips, or other flaws on the edges.

The biggest difference between these models is sharpness: the original edges are more defined whereas the fake buckle is more rounded around the corners.

Hermes Belt Authentication

Fake Hermes Belt: The Logo Method

The Hermès belt buckle always has the Hermès logo on the back. The belt is false if it isn't visible.

Make sure the spelling is correct to make sure a counterfeiter didn't make a mistake. An accent mark should always be placed over the second "e" in Hermès. As an example, Hermès and only Hermès.

Fake Hermes Belt

How To Legit Check Hermes Belt: The Shininess Method

The genuine buckle is significantly shinier than the replica, allowing it to stand out from any other counterfeit model. This matte belt's buckle will not stand out as much as the original buckle.

How To Legit Check Hermes Belt

How To Spot Fake Hermes Belt: The Stitching Method

When a Hermès is brand new, the stitching is precisely straight, symmetrical, and free of nicks or blemishes. Every thread is in place, and it's simple to see that each stitch is even and that none are split. Overall, the genuine model's sewing is flawless, whilst the imitation stitching is the polar opposite (for similar issues check out Off-White belt).

How To Spot Fake Hermes Belt

Hermes Belt Real Vs Fake: The Leather Method

Hermès is known for the high quality of its leathers, which include those used in the brand's H belt kits. When you touch the leather of a Hermès accessory, you'll never want to touch anything else. Hermès uses only the highest-quality leather with a supple texture and a delicate sensation to the touch. It's also reversible because it's double-sided with different colors on either side. Examine the way the size is represented. This could indicate that it isn't a genuine Hermès belt. If the size is stated in a unit other than millimeters, it is most likely a fake, as Hermès only displays sizes in centimeters. Also, the smell should not be fake or plastic-like in any way.

Hermes Belt Real Vs Fake

Authenticate With Real Experts

Real Vs Fake Hermes Belt: The Stamping Method

To prove its authenticity, a genuine Hermès belt will include several brand seals. On one end of the belt, you should notice the words 'HERMES / PARIS / MADE IN FRANCE. On one side of the leather strap, all three Hermès belt stamps are visible. The three marks at the end of each Hermès belt are a straightforward way to verify authenticity. The faux stamping's lettering is thinner and smaller, giving the label an entirely new appearance.

Real Vs Fake Hermes Belt

How To Tell If Hermes Belt Is Fake: The Dust-Bag Method

We pointed out how the fake Hermes belt's dust bag has its letter "H" inside the circle, seeming excessively thin in the image with the fake vs real Hermes belts' dust bags, and the same problem applies to the circle as well.

When it comes to the dust bag for the authentic Hermes H logo belt, we've pointed out in the image above how the legit belt's circle and letter "H" inside appear thicker than the details on the fake dust bag.

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How To Tell If Hermes Belt Is Fake

Legit Check Hermes Belt: The Box Method

The Hermès Belt should be packaged in an orange box, just like any other Hermes accessory. It is fastened with a black ribbon that also has the Hermès logo on it. The most critical aspect is that the packaging should be appealing and of high quality. Nothing should be written or printed inside the box.

Legit Check Hermes Belt

The most popular Hermes belt, unsurprisingly, is the "H Buckle".

Is the Hermes belt worth it? 

Hermes belt can be considered as a real investment as it gains its value over time. So even if you decide to resell it after a few years of use, you might get more than you paid before.

Where can I get the Hermes belt authenticated?

Assisting you in the authentication process is an easy task for us! Reach out via live chat and we’ll help you right away. Check it out: Hermes authentication.

Authenticate With Real Experts

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