How To Spot Fake Hermes Day Sneakers

How To Spot Fake Hermes Day Sneakers

Less sporty and more urban, the Hermes Day sneakers go with everything in your closet, from business casual to street style. The Day sneakers are a more contemporary and trendy version of the classic tennis court shoes. The sneakers are constructed of perforated calfskin and have a functional Kelly buckle in palladium plating. These sneakers are ideal high-end urban sports footwear.

Let's use the heel, stitching, tongue and lock, sole, and midsole methods to authenticate the sneakers in six simple steps.

How To Legit Check Hermes Day Sneakers?

Hermes Day Sneakers Authentication: The Stitching Method

The Day sneakers are incredible, perfect, and have an iconic look that is a must-have for any outfit. In the real Hermès sneakers, there are no glue lines or gaps, and everything is cut, sewn, and put together perfectly. The stitching is done perfectly, in a symmetrical design, and a tight manner. The fakes lack these nuances, the stitching isn't as good, and there are several defects. They aren't properly put together which negatively affects not only the visual side of the model but also its function. (For similar issues check out Chanel Espadrilles

Hermes Day Sneakers Authentication

Fake Hermes Day Sneakers: The Sole Method

The differences in quality, pattern, color, and logo between the real and fake Day sneakers can be seen in the picture below. The original sole is of excellent quality, with a symmetrical pattern and debossed logo, however, the fake sole has a different pattern with sharper H symbols, giving it a cheap appearance. The genuine sneaker's red 'HERMES' logo is flawlessly engraved in the sole, while the letters are embossed, however, the counterfeit logo is not as deep and has thicker letters. Even the font size and spacing between characters can reveal whether or not the Hermes footwear is genuine.

Fake Hermes Day Sneakers

Authenticate With Real Experts

Authenticate With Real Experts

Hermes Day Sneakers Real Vs Fake: The Heel Method

What makes Hermes such a luxurious label? Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and professionalism are the answers to this question. These values can be found in every detail, including the heel. 

The original heel appears immaculate in this example, with tight and symmetrical stitching and a dotting pattern that aids in foot ventilation and breathing. On the counterfeit pair of Day sneakers, these elements have been completely overlooked: the dots that aid airflow has been simply ignored.

The difference in fonts is also noticeable: in comparison to the counterfeit sneaker, the authentic letters are thicker and more deeply carved in the material.

Hermes Day Sneakers Real Vs Fake

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How To Spot Fake Hermes Day Sneakers: The Midsole Method

Several flaws with the counterfeit midsole can be seen in the comparison image below.

The first difference is that in the right picture, the parts of the midsole pattern are embossed rather than engraved, as they are on the genuine model.

Even if this detail was not forgotten, the pattern's shape would immediately reveal the counterfeit midsole: genuine elements are rounder, whereas counterfeit elements are more box-shaped.

The stitching should be examined again: the counterfeiters should have made the sewing tighter so that the midsole would be more securely placed inside the sneaker. (Check out Hermes Oran Sandals for similar issues)

How To Spot Fake Hermes Day Sneakers

Real Vs Fake Hermes Day Sneakers: The Eyelet Method

We mean it when we say we need to make sure every detail is perfect - let's have a look at the eyelets together.

The first thing to note is how perfectly round the genuine eyelets are, something that cannot be claimed for the counterfeit replica.

The color appears to be incorrect as well; the counterfeit eyelets are a shade darker than the genuine ones, making them stand out too much.

The dark contour of each fake eyelet gives them a cheap appearance.

The stitching is a problem once again - notice how symmetrical each stitch is on the real shoe, whereas the sewing in the right picture is quite chaotic.

Real Vs Fake Hermes Day Sneakers

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How To Tell If Hermes Day Sneakers Are Fake: The Tongue and Lock Method

When analyzing these images, what is the first difference that you notice?

Should we make an educated guess? - Is it the fake tongue's terrible outline? If you notice that your Hermes Day sneakers have twisted outlines, you don't have to search far to find out why. The original tongue and sides are perfectly sleek and sharp, as you can see, and we love it!

Another difference worth noting is the palladium lock - it's odd, but counterfeiters sometimes try to hide their fakeness by overdoing the details: in this case, they made the hardware much more yellow and golden than it needed to be.

Don't let it fool you! Instead of focusing on what looks good and terrible, examine the official photos for differences.

How To Tell If Hermes Day Sneakers Are Fake

Are Hermes Day sneakers a good investment?

If you want a pair of sneakers that are sporty yet fashionable and trendy, this is the footwear for you. The sneakers can be worn with a variety of styles and clothes, which can help with outfit coordination.

What leather are the Hermes Day sneakers made from?

The sneakers are made from perforated calfskin, which is super durable leather.

Where can I get Hermes Day sneakers authenticated?

Don't feel like your authentication skills are enough for this? Don't worry, we got you! No matter what brand or what time you need to authenticate your product, the LegitGrails team is here to help you! Check it out: Hermes legit check.

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Authenticate With Real Experts 2

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