How To Spot Fake Hermes Kelly Bag

How To Spot Fake Hermes Kelly Bag

To authenticate an exquisite Hermes Kelly bag inspired by the one and only Grace Kelly, start by observing the overall look with its shape, flap, and definition. Then, move onto the closure and metal plates method and analyze each step closely. Don't forget to check the straps and fonts as well. Then observe the stitching which is a super important step as well as the lock. Finally, check the key and the handle and you are all set up!

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Hermes Kelly Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Starting with the overall look is always a good idea. If you take a closer look at the authentic bag, you'll notice that it has a boat-like shape, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, but the contrast on the replica bag is bigger and more visible as well, as the width of the bottom is way too big. 

Apart from that, the corners of the fake Hermes aren't as sharp as it is supposed to be but rather rounded. 

The flap of the fake bag is more embossed and bulky-looking than the authentic one, which is flat, sharp, and smaller in general.

Hermes Kelly Bag Authentication

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Fake Hermes Kelly Bag: The Closure Method

The metal closure of the authentic bag is more symmetrical, with perfectly straight edges whereas the fake one is asymmetrical as the bottom part is wider compared to the top. 

The screws should be mentioned too: the original ones are hollowed out whereas the replica screws are all covered on the top.

Finally, the font; while the fake lettering is smudged as well as its letters being thinner and narrower, the original text is bolder, thicker, and more asymmetrical.

Fake Hermes Kelly Bag

How To Legit Check Hermes Kelly Bag: The Metal Plates Method

Let's take a look at the metal plates too. The authentic metal part of the strap is as thin as paper with sharper definition and exquisite details. On the other hand, the replica metal is embossed, thicker, and less defined.

The screws on the fake model are embossed too when they are supposed to be hollowed out.

Finally, the lettering - letters are smaller and paler on the authentic metal plate whereas they look bolder in the right picture; it might not look bad but it surely is different from the original look.

How To Legit Check Hermes Kelly Bag

How To Spot Fake Hermes Kelly Bag: The Strap Method

When it comes to the branded items, the symmetry and flawlessness of the details is something we absolutely adore.

In this case, the original strap is more symmetrical and wider whereas the fake one looks more imperfect with its asymmetry and lack of attention to detail.

The surfaces are different in both of these cases too: if you haven't already noticed, the replica leather is more wrinkled whereas the authentic strap is much smoother. 

The cut-out rectangle in the strap is more symmetrical on the authentic strap too.

How To Spot Fake Hermes Kelly Bag

Hermes Kelly Bag Real Vs Fake: The Font Method

Counterfeit brands always have issues when it comes to replicating the fonts. In this case, letters on the authentic model are engraved but not as deep as it is in the right picture. The replica letters are supposed to be bigger but paler just as shown on the original model.

Let's mention a few words on the lettering too: the stitching is perfectly rounded in the left picture whereas the replica sewing isn't as neat. Apart from that, the replica thread is thinner and sloppier which will result in pieces coming off.

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Hermes Kelly Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Hermes Kelly Bag: The Stitching Method

Let's observe stitching more closely in this comparison.

Stitching isn't only something that's visual but it plays a massive role in making or breaking the bag. If the stitching is poorly done, then 99% of the time bag won't be as solid or secure.

The authentic strap is so well stitched to the bag that it would be surprising if you managed to tear the pieces apart. On the other hand, the replica strap is loosely sewed to the background and the stitches are tiny.

Surfaces of the leathers are different too: the replica leather is more wrinkled than it was supposed to be.

Real Vs Fake Hermes Kelly Bag

How To Tell If Hermes Kelly Bag Is Fake: The Lock Method

We love a Hermes lock that gives the bag extra spice. The authentic lock is bigger, wider, and more detailed than the replica one, which is tiny compared to the original lock. The edges of the fake one aren't supposed to be straight, but squiggly just as shown in the left picture. 

The fonts are different too: Letters on the fake lock aren't supposed to be bold, but thinner, bigger and more spread out. The same can be said about numbers too.

How To Tell If Hermes Kelly Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Hermes Kelly Bag: The Key Method

Just like the lock, the replica key is less detailed and defined whereas the original key is more exquisite and it's much smaller than the replica one. The depths of the authentic piece are bigger.

Legit Check Hermes Kelly Bag

Fake Vs Real Hermes Kelly Bag: The Handle Method

We got to our final method for today.

The authentic handle is wider than the replica one which will make the bag more practical. Sewing on the replica handle is asymmetrical and sloppy when it needs to be as neat as it is in the left picture. 

The lettering is different on the fake handle too: letters are bolder, bigger, and thicker than they are supposed to be whereas the authentic lettering is pale, thin, and narrow.

Fake Vs Real Hermes Kelly Bag

Is Kelly or Birkin better?

Both of these models are incredibly good, but it depends on what you are going for: if you need a bag for daily use that will be appropriate for any occasion really, then buying a Birkin is better whereas the Kelly bag is perfect for occasional use.

Is Kelly or Birkin more expensive?

Prices vary on both of these models but mostly, Birkin bags are more expensive compared to Kelly bags, thanks to the high demand in society.

Where can I get a Hermes Kelly bag authenticated?

We get it, authentication isn’t easy, that is why the LegitGrails team is available 24/7 to assist you! All you need to do is reach out and use our amazing authentication services. Check it out: Hermes legit check.

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