How To Spot Fake Gucci T-Shirt

Our team has collected a few useful tips on how to legit check Gucci items and share those with you. Here are the tips on how to authenticate a Gucci T-shirt looking at the neck and wash tags, or simply Gucci Legit Check. 

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How To Legit Check Gucci T-shirt?

Front Side of a Gucci Neck Tag Method

Looking at the Gucci neck tag should be your first step in the authentication process. There are a few points to check on the neck tag of any Gucci item, as it consists of a few important details.

First, you should check the way the neck tag is attached to the t-shirt. The top corner sews can show a fake right away. In the example below, you can see what obvious fake sews would look like. On an authentic Gucci t-shirt, look for red stitches and check that there are several sews (the stitch is multi-layered). These should never be black, white or any colour other than red. 

Secondly, we will talk about the font on the Gucci neck tag. As shown in the example below, the GUCCI writing must have a specific shape. The font on the authentic neck tag looks more squared/ rectangular, it is thin and properly aligned. On the other hand, the font on the fake tag looks very round and bold, which is an immediate red flag.

How to legit check a Gucci T-shirt | Gucci T-shirt Real vs Fake: The front side of a neck tag method

Another aspect to be authenticated would be the 'Made in Italy' tab. The manufacturers of fake Gucci t-shirts can rarely make the tab look authentic. Most of the times there is a problem with the font, bolding, alignment of the letters and incorrect placement of the text. On an authentic item, the text should have the correct font and size, it should also be centred on a tab that has the correct shape. Please, refer to the below real vs fake comparison.

How to legit check a Gucci T-shirt | Gucci T-shirt Real vs Fake: The front side of a neck tag method

Backside of a Gucci Neck Tag Method

Another method that will teach you on how to spot fake Gucci t-shirt would be looking at the backside of the tags. This aspect is also often disregarded by the manufacturers of fakes, and this is why it is crucial for a Gucci legit check. On the below example, you can notice the difference between the real vs fake Gucci neck tag. 

On an authentic backside, there should be a white mirrored GUCCI stitching. On a fake one, the stitching would either be missing or it would be highly illegible. 

How to legit check a Gucci T-shirt | Gucci T-shirt Real vs Fake: The backside of a neck tag method

Gucci Wash Tag/ Washing Label Method

Similar to the previous methods, you should first check the way the wash tag is attached to the item. You should never be able to see the sews, as these must be hidden under the side stitches. Fake Gucci washing labels would often have sews that are sticking out or have an obviously incorrect colour, as in the below example. 

You should also verify if the size tag is placed correctly. An authentic size tag would be placed on the right from the washing label, the sews shouldn't show either. A fake item would have its size tag placed on the left, too close or too far away from the washing label. Always refer to the real vs fake example we have put down below. 

How to legit check a Gucci T-shirt | Gucci T-shirt Real vs Fake: The washing label method

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